Thoughts from November 2009

meet the zombies

By day, they manage everything from getting smoothies from A to B, keeping the office ship shape, answering the bananaphone and doing IT stuff.

Mixed ability

But by night (and every other weekend), they rise up, cast their day jobs to one side and dance like the living dead.

If the living dead had a thing for talc, ripped lycra and mixed ability dancing.

Please say hello to the Zombie All Stars

Eddie - Office Superman (and self proclaimed Head of Security)


Day-to-day job: Manning the grassy van fleet, filling the fridge, fixing all problems when Ian the Builder isn't about, refilling the fridge, lifting lots of heavy stuff, using a drill and sporting an array of day glo flat caps.

Zombie role: Werewolf and zombie dancer in Troop Camp. Someone has since stolen said mask. He'd like it back please. No questions asked.

Eddie zombie

Interesting fact: Eddie has just won the innocent scholarship to take acting lessons in New York. In anticipation of hitting the big time, he very kindly signed his autograph for you to add to your collection.


Print out, save and then whack on eBay in five year's time.

Ruth - Commercial Operations


Day-to-day job: Ruth describes her day job as 'Working with the sales team to make sure all their chat actually happens'. Or getting the right smoothies get to the right place at the right time.

Zombie role: The receptionist and lead dancer in Troop Literally

Ruth zombie

Interesting fact: Ruth had planned to bury her costume for that authentic zombie look. Told everyone she'd buried it in fact. Went out in the newsletter and everything. Turns out after all, she forgot to bury her dress. Thankfully, talc disguises a multitude of hastily purchased sins.

John T - Commercial Manager


Day-to-day job: In his own words, John 'looks after' the high street. Meaning where ever you see one of our drinks in a high street shop, you'll have John's silver tongued sales patter to thank.

Zombie role: Zombie Dancer #8 in Troop Smash. Lightest on his feet of entire cast (see below)

John zombie

Interesting fact: Despite being a lifter of big weights and lover of all things sporty, John won the award for Ponciest Dancing Shoes this side of Fame, chasséeing up in slip on dance pumps.

Mark G - Infrastructures Analyst

Day-to-day job: Something to do with networks and servers. Something to do with going into a big cupboard under the stairs that no one else is allowed in.

Mark g

Zombie role: Boardroom zombie, gym zombie and integral member of Troop Literally

Mark zombie]

Interesting fact: Mark knew his calling from an early age. Sadly his fashion forward jumpers and trendy bowl cut weren't enough to cut it at fashion college. So he plumped for a career in IT instead. Mini mark

Check out that keys on that board.

Jim Anderson - Head of Projects


Day-to-day job: In his day job which is "more than just I.T", Jim and his team are in charge of changing the difficult stuff in Fruit Towers. Explains alot really.

Zombie role: Casting director, location scout, producer, dance teacher, screen writer, the main man (Pictured below: Front of shot, slightly green, tight red jeans)

Interesting fact #1: Jim reckons he spent 10 hours learning the dance. That's not taking into account time spent practicing in meetings or whilst standing behind people's desks. Just imagine. All that gyrating, all that hee hee, going on right behind your chair when all you'd ask for was an Excel formula.

Interesting fact #2: The hardest bit of the dance to get right was this sequence:

Right hip, right hip, right hip, in, out, left hip, left hip.

He's got it nailed now. After all that back-of-chair rehearsing,

So now you've met some of the cast, gleaned their vital stats and had a sneak peak of the choreography (right hip, right hip, right hip etc), why not check them out in action right here?

the making of chiller: behind the scenes

So having won the innocent scholarship, back on a sunny Saturday in September, Jim, film crew, makeup artists, an array of mixed ability dancers and one zombie baby descended on Fruit Towers for the filming of Jim Anderson's Chiller.

For those who like to see how the magic happens, here's a little behind the scenes tour of the day.

Location location

Chiller was filmed in a series of glamorous locations across Fruit Towers.

The products kitchen: pre the zombie smoothies arriving.


The post room (previously seen in the box office smash 35 people, a franking machine and a post room)was used as the janitor's closet

Post room

The gym also featured

Interestingly, the gym has had a strange effect on Mark G in the past

Mark green


Car park practice

Car park practice went on all day. And well into the night.

Have a little look here:


The lovely makeup ladies worked their magic to transform fresh faces into less fresh faces.

They were brilliant at talcing it up


Paid close attention to detail


Made sure everyone looked suitably terrifying, including Baby Zombie, Eva, aged 2 (left)

Zombie baby

And Ed G and Joe.

Post make up

Post makeup.


There was a lot of this


Quite a bit of this

Fright night

And lots of waiting around, maxing out the rider (which consisted mainly of sausage rolls and fizzy cola bottles)

Chiller rider

Special effects

The amazing smoke machine was used in the gym, the post room, the car park, where ever needed copious smoke really.

(Thanks to Louis who won the award for spending most time lying on a wet car park floor, pumping smoke out at people for hours. And hours)

The monster jeep also came along

Jeep monster

It rocked up, complete with massive floodlights on the back, metal shelves to leap onto, Bodyform style, and the capacity to go underwater (which was not needed during filming but reassuring to know)

And of course, the fake hand


The fake hand was used in the video as a pointer in the zombie boardroom meeting and can be also be seen later on, falling off Olly H, mid dance off.

Currently, Ruth is using it as her own personal receptionist to answer the phone and freak out Sustainability Lou.

The cast

Having subjected them to a set of gruelling auditions, Jim handpicked every dancer and then sensibly split everyone into dance troops to learn a section of the dance each.

There was Troop Smash

Troop smash

Troop Camp

Troop camp

And Troop Literally

Troop literally

A good proportion of the dancers from Troop Literally are members of the GoldFork Toad Football Team

Goldfork toads

You may recognise them from such features as Return of The Goldfork Toads

Here they are, off the pitch, on the car park floor, mid pelvic thrust.

Goldfork zombies

Spot the difference.

Fancy finding out a bit more about the Zombie All Stars? Get up close and personal right here...

the innocent scholarship

Every three months, applications open in Fruit Towers for the innocent scholarship.

If you win the scholarship, you get £1,000 to do something you’ve always wanted to.

The only rules are that whatever you apply to do must be a) legal b) for you and c) not for anything medical.

You have to present your application to the whole company in the Monday Morning Meeting and then everyone votes for their favourite.

Over the years, there have been all sorts of applications. Rachel learnt how to breakdance, Kat H qualified as a masseuse and Jojo learnt how to take amazing pictures.


Others have climbed mountains, taught football to streetchildren in Thailand, rebuilt beloved boats and installed a massive fish tank in their living room (it took Peter 4 applications to get that one through).

Mark and Shrimp even went all the way to India on a quest to find the best chutney (which for the record was coriander, mint and lime). They not only brought some back for everyone but also gave a slideshow about their chutney odyssey.


Jim however decided to use his scholarship win to make a little music video.


It involved a large cast of dancers, some tight red leather and a whole lotta hee-hee.

As Ted cryptically alluded to yesterday, we're going to be revealing it right here very soon.

Meantime, here's another little clue for now.



This is Jake and Heidi.


Just like Amy, they decided to have a go at the activity on the back of one of our kids' smoothies and made some smart maracas out of their empty wedges.


Shake it

Very generously, they then took their maracas along to a wedding where Designer Kat was bridesmaid and presented her with them to shake on the way down the aisle.

If you've made any of the ideas off our kids' smoothies or have any ideas what our bottles, pots and cartons can be used for once you've finished with them, then please email your suggestions/pictures to

If they end up on pack, then we'll send you a case of smoothies to say thanks.