Thoughts from November 2009

drumroll please, it's hat of the week...


Sorry for the delay, the dog ate my computer. So, it was a stunningly close Big Knit hat of the week last week.

The creatively titled competitiors were "the flower that looks a bit like a lion", aka Dandelion (geddit? DandeLION?), and, an oldy but a goody, the Christmas pud, aka "51 days to go". Dandelion took an amazing 56.46% of the vote, with "51 days to go" finishing a brave second.

Congratulations Bev from Derby, you did a spectacuraarrrrr job. A case of smoothies will be winging themselves to you.

the lonely little coin counter

The team that counts together stays together.

Or something like that.

Back in August, Joe gave a little insight into the world of the finance team here at innocent


A few months ago, James (our Finance Director) entered his team for the Accountancy Age Awards (the Oscars of number crunching) and excitingly, they've been shortlisted for the Finance Team of the Year. The awards are next week so we'll keep you posted on how they do.

Meantime, here's a picture of the whole team together, one big happy abacus loving family

Team finance
Except there's one member of the Finance team who is not in this picture.

Who never gets invited to lunch, never gets asked their opinion on the latest budget and never gets any desk toys or email forwards whatsoever despite being integral to the running of the business.

All this team member gets to do is to sit in a lonely part of the office, with nothing but a filing cabinet, unhung picture and a few random trays to chat to.

Occasionally Ryan remembers this neglected team member, comes along and gets him out his box.

Count it

Spend some time with him, chucks a few coins his way and makes him feel such a part of the team again that his little face lights up in green LED joy.


But then it's back in the box, back on top of the filing cabinet and forgotten about until the next time petty cash needs counting.

He's hired a tux especially for next week's award bash.

Fingers crossed they'll remember to take him along.

and they all lived happily ever after


Our big game of consequences is now in it's last 24 hours. If you want to write the very end line to any of the 26 stories just pop over to our consequences website, pick any letter, catch up on the story so far, and bring it to a happy ending. Then just wait until 4pm tomorrow (Thursday 12th Nov) to see if your line was chosen as the winner on any of the letters.

3 free fridge magnet versions of each letter are still available in all of our kids smoothie multi-packs in the shops now. They'll be collectors editions soon so an eye out for them.

thoughtful by name, thoughtful by nature


Our friends from Thoughtful really are very thoughtful. Very thoughtful indeed.

It was a cold, rainy London day when I received a call from the lovely James (pictured above, on the right). He wanted to know if it was ok if he organised a knitathon in aid of the Big Knit. I thought about it for about 12 seconds and replied "Well of course it is. That indeed would be very, very thoughtful".

A few phonecalls and a delivery of all the neccessary knitathon bits and bobs later, the Sainsbury's Romiley Thoughtful Knitathon was born.


They knitted and chatted and knitted for a whole 16 hours and managed to knit well over 100 hats. We just wanted to say an enormous thank you to everyone who took part.

Thank you, Thoughtful. We love you a bit.