chilli king

Nature wins.


Back in March, seven green fingered hopefuls took on apacket of chilli seeds, a veg pot full o'compost and their own special chilli growing techniques to see who could grow the hottest chillis in the office (and help Anthony raise money for charity at the same time).

Worm juice, pulley systems and routine spotlight checks were all tried and tested. But in the end, Nature reigned supreme.

Grow now please

Mr. Ed did nothing to his plants except water them everyday and use pencils instead of canes to make sure they grew nice and straight.

His technique was so successful that some of his crop had to be rehomed in the garden as he couldn't get to his computer.

Chilli den

Ed, IT Sam and Aslam then all shared in the first of the chilli bounty. Just to prove they could.


And apparently it was the hottest thing Ed had ever eaten.

Chilli king

But then, being the Chilli King, he would say that.

And after instigating what can only be described as capsicum sabotage throughout Fruit Towers, Anthony completed his marathon in 4 hours 29 mins and raised £1550 for charity (despite having flu the week before).


What a chap.