big lunch

This is my road.

My road

It's a nice street. Quite quiet, bins get collected on Mondays and after 6:30pm, the parking is free.

I've only lived there a few months but I still don't know the people who live downstairs, let alone the people who live across the street. Which is pretty lame when you think about it.

Last Thursday, I managed to get locked out and the chap who lives behind me kindly helped me climb back into my house (thanks, Alan).

Hopefully after 19th July, I won't have to get locked out to meet the rest of my neighbours as our street is signed up to The Big Lunch.


The Big Lunch is an nationwide event, where on the the 3rd Sunday in July, in streets, towerblocks and cul-de-sacs across the land, people will sit down and have lunch with their neighbours.

Think street party, think bunting, think massive BYO picnic and you're on the right lines.


It's really easy to get involved.

Simply sign up your street, invite everyone on your road and come 19th July, have a right old knees up with all your neighbours.

Community is where it's at after all (and meeting people over lunch is so much more civilised then getting them to give you a leg up when you've forgotten to put the latch on).