Thoughts from May 2009

white rabbits


Pinch punch first of the month, white rabbits*. That's what they used to say around my way when I was a youngen' anyway. Around here we're more likely to say pinch punch first of the month, rate and reviewers. Tenuous I know, but it kind of works.

It's the first day of May today which means once again it's time to announce last months rate and review winner. And it goes to Emily who said of our new green and banana-free smoothie...


Actually we've singled out Emily who summed up the sentiments of a whole load of you who greeted our kiwis, apples & limes smoothie with a kind of hysteria not seen since Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark took to the stage again. Well kind of. So yes Emily, and everyone else who asked, we are now looking into making other smoothies minus the bananas. It's still early days so we can't even hint at what might be in it, or if it will take another eight years to crack, but the there have definitely been banana-less blenders buzzing in the kitchen.

To be in with a chance of winning a box of innocent shaped stuff on June 1st just go and review any of of the things we make (now including our new book too) with your smartest, most useful words.

*Traditions extend to saying on the first of each month: "A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month; white rabbit!" White rabbit is declared to be the “no returns” policy on the "pinch and the punch" the receiver felt. Origins of this saying is unknown. A small concession exists, for recipients of the "pinch and a punch," where white rabbit declaration (no returns) is not made. Recipients may in this case reply with "A flick and a kick for being so quick."

for one week only


We've been thinking about submitting a design to howies T-Shirt of the week for sometime now but could never come up with a good enough idea. As it's our tenth birthday this week we finally had a good idea, a T-Shirt that says 'thanks' (along with a couple of good old Fonzie style thumbs). Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far. It also makes a pretty good thank you present for someone who's allergic to flowers and chocolate.

It's available from the howies T-Shirt of the week website and the clue really is in the name – it's only available for purchase in the next seven days, up until Thursday 7th May. The T-shirt comes in two very fetching colour ways – white for guys and heather (that sort of athletic grey – see above) for girls. If you fancy getting your hands on a very limited edition tee in preparation for a long hot summer then just pop over to howies. Thanks.