Thoughts from May 2009

our online AGM day 4: what about innocent events and happenings?


Today is day four of our online AGM. As you know, we’d love to know what you think about us and the things that we do. But right now we don’t want to pick your brains about drinks.

In the past we’ve come up with some good ideas for events and happenings that we’re proud of. The Big Knit and our Village Fete are two good examples. But resting on our laurels would be lazy. We want to do more, and we thought we’d ask you what you think that could be. What could we do that will bring people together, either in a physical place/space, or perhaps in some new fangled digital way? What would you enjoy or find useful? So...

  • What type of event based thing do you think we should do next?
  • Do you have any ideas for something that would capture people’s imagination?
  • What do you think would work for you, or your kids, or your friends?

Have your say by leaving a comment below. We'll be reading each and every one, and will then add the results to everything we learn from the people who attend our AGM.

Tomorrow is the last day of this online AGM stuff, and we'll be asking all about our brand new squeezies for kids.

and the innocent masterchef 2009 is...

Back in February, you might remember we had our own version of Masterchef, with our veg pots starring centre hob.


We whittled all the entries down to 6 semi-finalists, asked you to vote for your favourites and then a few weeks ago, our 3 finalists came into Fruit Towers to do culinary battle.

Nina, Roisin and Laura cooked up a storm and after some heated competition, spoon bashing and creative potato mashing (fork, mango juicer and finally, blender) we have a winner.

You can watch the video here, see who reigned supreme on the day and maybe nick a few ideas for your tea tonight.

(Big thanks to everyone who entered, our lovely finalists, excellent judges, Olly the cameraman and the wonderful Lucy T for being such a star on the day)

our online AGM day 3: what would you like to see next for veg pots?


It's day three of our online AGM and we'd love to know all your thoughts about a very new and exciting part of innocent: our veg pots.

Our veg pots have been available for a few months now. We’re really keen to take them to the next stage and would love to know your thoughts.

  • Are there any recipes /cuisines/ countries you think should be a great addition to the range?
  • What would you like to see from innocent veg pots next?
  • Where could innocent take a new range of veg pot like products? What do think would work well?

Just leave your say as a comment on this blog post below. We'll be reading each and everyone and will then add the results to everything we pick up from our drinkers coming to the AGM. Tomorrow we'll be asking about all the stuff we do with our brand like knitting little hats for bottles and things.

do what mrs baggit says

Or she will come and get you.

Mrs B

Thanks to Sustainability Lou for snapping this on her recent trip to St. Ives.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'scary bag lady'.