Thoughts from May 2009

chilli king

Nature wins.


Back in March, seven green fingered hopefuls took on apacket of chilli seeds, a veg pot full o'compost and their own special chilli growing techniques to see who could grow the hottest chillis in the office (and help Anthony raise money for charity at the same time).

Worm juice, pulley systems and routine spotlight checks were all tried and tested. But in the end, Nature reigned supreme.

Grow now please

Mr. Ed did nothing to his plants except water them everyday and use pencils instead of canes to make sure they grew nice and straight.

His technique was so successful that some of his crop had to be rehomed in the garden as he couldn't get to his computer.

Chilli den

Ed, IT Sam and Aslam then all shared in the first of the chilli bounty. Just to prove they could.


And apparently it was the hottest thing Ed had ever eaten.

Chilli king

But then, being the Chilli King, he would say that.

And after instigating what can only be described as capsicum sabotage throughout Fruit Towers, Anthony completed his marathon in 4 hours 29 mins and raised £1550 for charity (despite having flu the week before).


What a chap.

you learn something new everyday


Our fancy seeing your words on millions of smoothie bottles competition is going great guns at the minute. We've just been having a quick look through the hundreds of entries so far, some of which have made us laugh, some of which have made us think, and some of which have made us plain jealous that we didn't think of that first.

Here's a random example of just one of the many great entries, it should cover you for 'random facts to tell people' for the rest of the day. It's by Michelle Black, thanks Michelle.

Dan is down at the Hay Book Festival today giving a talk about our new book. He's going to be giving out some fancy seeing your words on millions of smoothie bottles flyers to all the writer and thinker types while he's there. So you'll be in good company if you've already entered or are still planning your entry.

And if you're down at Hay Festival today why not pop into see Dan in the Cafedirect Friends Cafe at 2:30 this afternoon. He'll be the one with the big beard.

q&a's from the day


As we promised we filmed all of the Q&A bit from Saturday's AGM for everyone who couldn't make it. We've just uploaded each and every question here. There were twenty four questions asked in total so we'll start you off with the very final question of the day...

Watch the other twenty three here.

big lunch

This is my road.

My road

It's a nice street. Quite quiet, bins get collected on Mondays and after 6:30pm, the parking is free.

I've only lived there a few months but I still don't know the people who live downstairs, let alone the people who live across the street. Which is pretty lame when you think about it.

Last Thursday, I managed to get locked out and the chap who lives behind me kindly helped me climb back into my house (thanks, Alan).

Hopefully after 19th July, I won't have to get locked out to meet the rest of my neighbours as our street is signed up to The Big Lunch.


The Big Lunch is an nationwide event, where on the the 3rd Sunday in July, in streets, towerblocks and cul-de-sacs across the land, people will sit down and have lunch with their neighbours.

Think street party, think bunting, think massive BYO picnic and you're on the right lines.


It's really easy to get involved.

Simply sign up your street, invite everyone on your road and come 19th July, have a right old knees up with all your neighbours.

Community is where it's at after all (and meeting people over lunch is so much more civilised then getting them to give you a leg up when you've forgotten to put the latch on).