love on a bottle

Love love love

You might remember we ran a little competition a few weeks ago called WLTM (or for you acronym haters out there, Would Like To Meet)

You had to write your own WLTM ad in no more than 90 words and the best one would win pride of place on one of our bottle labels.


After sifting out the rude and slightly stalkerish entries, we managed to whittle it down to two winners.

First up was this entry, penned by Looby:

Hello. Are you normal? When I say 'normal', I mean, you know, 'normal'? Of course, it'd be nice if you have a sense of humour, some friends, a job, a car, maybe a house, aspirations, dreams, ambition etc, etc. I'd like to get married and pop out a baby before I'm 80, so if you're interested please reply to Box 36.

And then this one which was composed by Richard:

WLTM Nicole from the Renault Clio ads (circa 1992) and re-enact said ad, only with me taking Papa's place and us not being related. Feel this is a reasonable request. Please reply to Box 184.


Thanks to every one who entered and a big well done to both Looby and Richard. Keep your eyes peeled for their words of wooing on a shelf near you very soon.

Meantime, if you're still looking for love, why not GAFYK, maintain a GSOH and remember to LOL everytime someone attractive makes a joke. KWIM?

GAFYK - get away from your keyboard
GSOH - Good sense of humour
LOL - Laugh out loud
KWIM - Know what I mean?