Thoughts from March 2009

wet feet

Hello there. I'm Sustainability Lou and my job at innocent is to work with people across our business to ensure we're all working as sustainably as we possibly can.

This year, my number one priority is water.


At the moment I'm having to do some pretty tricky sums in order to calculate the water footprint of our smoothies; involving quite a lot of head scratching, pencil chewing and some fairly hefty spreadsheets.

So why all the hard sums? Well, we all know water is a precious resource which is increasingly scarce in many regions of the world, including several parts of the UK. By working out how much water we use as a business, from farm to fridge, we can both improve our water management practices and also identify and protect the regions in our supply chain displaying the greatest water stress.


If you fancy having a go at working out your own water footprint for yourself or the place you work, check out the Water Footprint Network website here. Alternatively, there are some great tips on how to reduce your own personal footprint here.

Soon as I've done all my sums and figured out how to put them into Excel, I'll let you know what our water footprint at innocent is and how we plan to make our water shoe size that bit smaller.

Bye for now,

Sustainability Lou

our friends in finland

Our friends at Helsinki Foodstock Oy now have their very own innocent grassy area in their office.


As well as the easy chairs, daisies and top of the range Scandinavian furniture, they also have their own bananaphone.

You can call it anytime you like on +358 20 771 6565, to find out what the Finnish for boysenberry is or just to get the insider info as to whether there really are hippos living in them there Finnish forests.

(Posted by Mike)

firework trees


Do you remember those trees down the road from Fruit Towers that went into camouflage? I've just realised the very same ones do fireworks as well, just look at them go.

If your imagination isn't feeling that vivid today then let photoshop do the work for you.

File under good stuff nature does.

love on a bottle

Love love love

You might remember we ran a little competition a few weeks ago called WLTM (or for you acronym haters out there, Would Like To Meet)

You had to write your own WLTM ad in no more than 90 words and the best one would win pride of place on one of our bottle labels.


After sifting out the rude and slightly stalkerish entries, we managed to whittle it down to two winners.

First up was this entry, penned by Looby:

Hello. Are you normal? When I say 'normal', I mean, you know, 'normal'? Of course, it'd be nice if you have a sense of humour, some friends, a job, a car, maybe a house, aspirations, dreams, ambition etc, etc. I'd like to get married and pop out a baby before I'm 80, so if you're interested please reply to Box 36.

And then this one which was composed by Richard:

WLTM Nicole from the Renault Clio ads (circa 1992) and re-enact said ad, only with me taking Papa's place and us not being related. Feel this is a reasonable request. Please reply to Box 184.


Thanks to every one who entered and a big well done to both Looby and Richard. Keep your eyes peeled for their words of wooing on a shelf near you very soon.

Meantime, if you're still looking for love, why not GAFYK, maintain a GSOH and remember to LOL everytime someone attractive makes a joke. KWIM?

GAFYK - get away from your keyboard
GSOH - Good sense of humour
LOL - Laugh out loud
KWIM - Know what I mean?

daal do nicely

Lentils? Check.

Chickpeas? Check.

Turmeric roasted cauliflower with fresh spinach and more spices than you can shake a hardy pestle and mortar at?


Check, check and triple check.

All these wonderful ingredients are part of our brand new Indian Daal Curry recipe which is now available in a Sainsbury's or Waitrose near you.

It tastes great with some raita and a bit of naan bread and means you can now technically have your (healthy) curry and eat it.

We're giving away a whole boxful away for you and your mates to enjoy. So to bag yourself a curry night on us, just answer this simple question:

Which animal makes up the title of the Oscar winning movie, Slum___ Millionaire?

a) canary
b) dog
c) gerbil

Post your answer as a comment below by Friday 6th March and we'll pull a winner out the nearest hat next week.

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll pick a winner and announce it here, soon as we find a big enough hat.