Thoughts from June 2009

coc up

Cropped cocnut

We have a little apology to make about our new special guest smoothie.

The mangoes are spot on, the lemongrass too, but there's been a small hitch with the coconuts. They snuck past our proofreaders and lost an 'o' from where we can assure you was not a planned spot. This limited edition of this special guest is out there for two weeks only, when we hope that our coconut milk will return to pure innocence.

Chuckle while you can.

pizza the action

Helen, Charlie H and Andy went to visit Andy's mum and dad in France recently and spotted the latest in hot food on-the-go technology: a pizza vending machine.


Simply select your topping (bolognaise)


Get Andy to pay


Wait three minutes


Remove pizza


Try not to burn your fingers


Carefully inspect for artisanal baking quality


Split fairly


And then bask in a dough filled, melty cheese haze.


Instant pizza satisfaction for €10 euros.

cake by post


Di came along to our AGM the other week and after seeing how partial we all are to a bit of cake, she very kindly sent us some of her Suffolk rusks in the post.


They taste lovely warmed up with some butter and some jam (according to Kat H).

Thanks, Di

a little film about our AGM


Jim (or Fit Jim as he is known to the ladies of Fruit Towers) has made an excellent little film all about our second AGM that we held a couple of weeks ago.

Cake, questions, a bike called Sherbert - it's all captured right here, in full technicolour video format, for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

(Sadly there are no close ups of Jim. He's a professional/modest sort of chap like that)

may's rate and review winner (and an electric bath)


OK it's now the second of June so we're a day late for all that pinch punch first of the month business. But here's May's winner of our rate and review prize, awarded to the person who leaves the most insightful and useful review on any of the things we make each month.

This month it goes to Stephen from Sussex who suggested our new book would be great for the reading lists in business schools. We thought this was a great idea so have been getting in contact with lots of business schools to tell them all about our new book and what students can learn from electric baths (page 10).