Thoughts from June 2009

tattoo'll do nicely

Ink. Skin. Needle. It's a pretty big (not to mention painful) commitment.

Maybe you've thought in the past about getting 'Mother' tattooed on your bicep. Or Wendy perhaps. No? Not even a little bit? Don't you just envy those rock stars with their gloriously ink laden bodies?

Well, one rockstar up in Scotland (by name of Martin) has gone and got his very own innocent tattoo.

Innocent tattoo

Here he is on tour with his standard rider.

Now that's what I call rock'n' roll.

(Thanks to Helen for sending us this pic in)

(Posted by Jay)

ferrero rocher off

Mid afternoon slump? Lagging behind with that logistics performance report? Family size falafel with extra pickles for lunch? In need of a solution?

Why not try and breaking a world record in nutty chocolate ball consumption.

Nutty ball

The current world record to beat for the most Ferrero Rocher eaten in a minute is 7 (the chap off Britain's Got Talent only managed 4)

All you need for this record attempt is an ambassdaor size box of said chocolate, 6 willing volunteers and glasses of milk on hand.


Firstly, make sure you have the correct number of knobbly chocolate balls infront of you.

And then for the next 60 seconds, employ one of the following methods:

The 'one-at-a-time' approach


The 'cram-them-all-in-and-chew-like-the-wind' technique


Or simply the 'gobble/inhale/get-them-down-you-any-way-you-can' method.


Richard managed to polish off 8


But unfortunately no one from the World Records Board was there to witness.

Noted for next time.

His excellency should be pleased though.

camp comp

Our new summer veg pot hits the shelves this week and to celebrate its arrival, we're thought we'd have a little competition to help you dine al fresco by your tent this summer.


We've got 3 sets of camping stoves, pots, pans and a whole box of our new summery recipe to give away to the three best camping stories we get.


Post your entries below as a comment by Monday 15th June and let burnt-baked-bean-instant-noodle surprise be a thing of Brownie Camp past.

This competition is now closed. Well done to Adam, Natalie and Nia. Camping stoves on their way to you very soon. Meantime campers, remember to always pitch your tent on the leeward side of a west facing slope on Wednesdays.

mango time


Atha, Siobhan and Sustainability Jess have just come back from a mango sourcing trip to India and they brought some back for us all to try.


The mangoes we use in our smoothies are called Alphonso mangoes (after a chap called Alphonso De Albuquerque who used to buy loads of them whenever he was in Goa). We use them for their velvety texture, delicate aroma and extremely fragrant taste. You don't tend to find them in the supermarket that often as their skin is very delicate but you can occasionally find them in little shops. If you're lucky.

According to Siobhan, once you've tasted an Alphonso, you can never go back.

To other mangoes that is.

Not to work/your desk/that report you're meant to have finished yesterday.

Mango chat