Thoughts from June 2009

the innocent portion-o-meter

The highly observant of you may have noticed a flat screen TV with a green apple and red pepper on it in the background of our AGM films.


This is in fact our 'innnocent portion-o-meter' that shows how many individual portions of fruit and veg we have sold in a day at any one point in time.

It was invented by our Dave from IT who's good with numbers and codes and things. Thanks Dave. And well done Britain, you've already enjoyed over a million fruit portions via our smoothies today and it's not even gone six o'clock yet.

Dave and his portion-o-meter.

long distance nick

Do you live on the coast? Know any nice places to eat or a man who crafts fiddles or makes surfboards for a living?

Then Nick would like to know.

Only 3 months to go

Nick is the chap responsible for most of the photos in howies' catalogues and for the next 3 months, he'll be cycling the 5000 mile or so bikeride clockwise round the coast of Britain.

As well as raising money for charity, he's also going to be making little films about the artisan types who live and work along the coast to post here.

Nick on bike

So if you know of anywhere along the coast that has:

  • Nice places to stay (with or without tent

  • Interesting craftsmen who like a chat

  • Good cafes (with cake and strong coffee)

  • Free hot showers/sofas to sleep on

Or if you fancy cycling a bit of the way with Nick (or just meeting him for a mid morning coffee break) simply post your comments below or contact Nick here.

He's going to be popping in to see at Fruit Towers in August (slight detour from the coast so he can catch Wilco) so we'll update you on his progress (and saddle sore) then.

casting our net far and wide



You might remember our AGM, we went on about it a bit a while ago. Well, along with adding all the video footage we filmed on the day to the AGM bit of our website we've just created a brand new iTunes AGM podcast for all of the videos to live.

So if you fancy downloading the full 2009 Q&A session, any individual questions or an overview of the whole day (set to an uplifting beat) onto your brand new iPhone to watch on the bus in the morning, go hear.

making words and pictures

We're working on our next set of labels at the moment.

There's quite a lot of tea, toast and tabloids involved in the creative process (mainly by Ben W) not to mention copious post-it notes, bulldog clips and special pens, but slowly, we're getting there.

Yesterday our labels looked like this.

Creative mess

Today they look like this.


Tomorrow we might start colouring in.

monday's shoes

Are still quite white


We'll let you know whether Andrew's new shoes are still as eye wateringly shiny on Friday