Thoughts from June 2009

all white now

Last Monday, we promised to update you on the whiteness of Andrew's new shoes after a week of him wearing them in.


Unfortunately, Andrew didn't come to work on Friday (he was off queuing for Wimbledon tickets with his dad from 4am or something) so that shoe update pleasure was denied.

For everyone who dutifully logged back in on Friday, eager for a peek at how said shoes were doing, here's how they're looking today.


Not bad considering they've been subjected to grass stains, pigeon poo and falafel juice.


freezie squeezie

It's hot outside so Eleanor had the genius idea of making home made ice pops.

Picture 001

Ladies and Gentlemen we proudly present the Frozen Squeezie.

Step one: Take Squeezie.

Step two: Put in freezer.

Step three: (this is the tricky part) Wait a little.

Step four: Enjoy - as demonstrated here by Ed G

Picture 002


The good news is it couldn't be easier to join in at home, especially as they're on a special £1 offer down at Tescos this very minute.

(the squeezies that is, not Ed G)

a musical odyssey

I went off to the D&AD new blood show last night for a bit of creative inspiration from the next generation of young creative go-getters. It was great to see some of the students working on self initiated briefs for innocent (unfortunately I didn't have a camera so can't share their work with you). But here is my own highlight of the show by the very talented Eleanor Stewart from Glasgow School of Art. Well worth a watch.


free smoothie today

If you buy this today (Friday 26th June 2009).


Go to this page.


And then follow the message here.


You'll find a free coupon for one our smoothies, valid til Sunday (plus another 50p off voucher valid til next week).

Happy Friday indeed.

DIY watering can

Found this handy tip in my brother's magazine the other day for recycling old bottles to make your own watering can


I didn't have an empty milk carton handy but it seems to work just as well with an empty smoothie bottle.

Just pierce a few holes in the lid


Fill with water and shake viorously over your plants (or hanging baskets that still need to be hung).


Then place with the rest of your gardening gear for safekeeping

Gardening kit

Alternatively, you could just fill an empty bottle and pour the water straight on.

But then you'd lose that all important sprinkler effect/satisfaction of making your own gardening equipment.