Thoughts from January 2009

win your own fruit garden


Rain. Grey. More rain. Not much incentive to go outside.

Thankfully, the good people at Rocket Gardens are a jolly sort and have given us a very good reason to get out, keep fit and assuage our biscuit cravings by doing a spot of gardening.


You see, right now is the perfect time of year to start planting soft fruit in preparation for crumbles, summer puds and jam making.

And they've very kindly given us 10 of their compact fruit gardens and 10 of their large fruit gardens to give away.

All you need to do to bag yourself one is tell us your most memorable fruit pie/crumble/pudding experience.

Post your answers below by Monday 26th January and come next autumn, you could be running your very own black market fruit pie operation (with a nice sideline in preserves).

(This competition has now closed.

Congratualtions to Big Tom, Sammy, Karen, Rachael, Susan F, Ian, Soo, Julie Lee, Steph, Emma, Lulu, Stephen Armstrong, Esther, Sarah Bruch, Anita, Ook, Davkt, Simone, Lindsay and Abby Bookham. Gardens on their way to you very very soon).

extreme saving

Penny counting

Apparently, this week is the week we are all most likely to be skinter than a monkey with no nuts*.

That's in addition to it being credit crunch, incessant rain and biscuit ban month (a.k.a January).

But rather than succumb to Bleak Week, just tell us your most extreme money saving tips and we'll send the top 5 answers a box of smoothies, a couple of pennies to rub together and a song for your heart.

Post your answers below by Monday 26th January to win some instant joy.

*according to some survey somewhere.

(This competition has now closed. Winners to be announced on Wednesday 28th January).

pile o'people

We begin the week with a blurry photo of a human pyramid, taken at 9.15am this morning at our place. Little Carla's on top.


detoxing a la reece

This is Reece.


He's helping out in our Finance team at the moment and has come up with his very own special January detox regime.

Reece's detox plan

  • 3 mile run before work
  • Brisk walk to the tube
  • Turkey sandwich for breakfast
  • Cup of tea
  • Do some work
  • Brisk walk to pub
  • 8oz burger and chips for lunch
  • Brisk walk back
  • Cup of coffee
  • More work
  • Glass of water
  • Tube home
  • Bacon and leek pasta for tea (cooked by his wife, Kate)
  • And at least 10 smoothies before bedtime.

Smoothie man

He intends to keep it up for all of January.

Lucky Kate.