Thoughts from January 2009

great adverts of our time

Part of a continuing series. This week, chow mein cooked in dragon fire:

With thanks to Ben for spotting it.

healthy january?

How was your January? Full of squat thrusts and mung bean facials? Or did it consist of duvets, leftover Quality Street and a daily dose of Master Chef?

Fruit Towers has been filled with people doing healthy stuff this month so we thought we'd applaud some of them and their virtuous ways.

Tansy gave up chocolate (apparently Tunnocks wafers don't count) and fully intends to celebrate by downing that Double Decker on Monday (it's been sat on her desk all month, looking at her with come hither eyes).


Sarah W is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in February so in addition to lots of training walks, she's given up the booze to help her get up the mountain a bit quicker.


Mark G has done more exercise this month than in his previous thirty or so Januarys.


In addition to a week of hardcore skiing, he's cycled to work everyday (a 16 mile round trip), faithfully lifted heavy weights three times a week with Joe and scored countless goals for the Goldfork Toads on Monday nights. (As a result of all this exercise his face has gone a bit green too, like the Hulk.)

But the man of the month has to be Reece, who not only managed to keep up his 10-smoothies-a day habit for the whole month but also continued with his barefoot jogging, despite the cold. And the snow.


It's the biomechanically superior way to run.


the cupboard that time forgot

Here's a photo of one of our kitchen cupboards. It seems to be the place where all of the odds and ends hang out.


What should we do with this stuff? Maybe try to come up with an exciting and revolutionary new smoothie recipe?

Please help us decide, and while you do, we shall treat ourselves to a refreshing lunchtime can of gin and tonic.