It's Valentine's Day on Saturday. Last year, we made a photo love story on a shoestring budget to celebrate. But this year, we thought we'd get you to share the love instead.

All you have to do is add your WLTM ad as a comment below, and the best one will end up on one of our labels.

Label love

What's more, we'll send you and the person you fancy a heart shaped case of each.

Here's an example of something we came up with earlier:

Gorgeous brunette on 8:38am to Colchester

You were wearing a red coat, drinking one of these smoothies. I was the shy, blond chap with the eyepatch. You smiled at me when you got off. Wish I’d asked for your number. Would love to take you for a coffee. Or maybe another 2 portions of fruit? You might think I’m odd, writing on smoothie bottles. But I thought this would be the best way to find you. And I’m just a hopeless romantic, taking a chance on love. With an eyepatch. If you read this, get in touch BOX 541.

Your word limit is approximately 90 words - that's what we can fit on the side of a bottle.

And to help get those loving thoughts flowing, here are a few more (slightly short) examples from the good people right here at Fruit Towers:






Remember, your ad needs to be no more than 90 words long.

And for those of you who tend to waffle on a bit here's a quick guide to LHA (lonely hearts acronyms):

WLTM - Would like to meet

GSOH - Good sense of humour

OHAC - Own house and car

OHAT - Own hair and teeth

Closing date is Monday 16th February. Happy love spreading.