Thoughts from February 2009

added ingredients

We've been getting some great suggestions on how to customise our veg pots of late. So we thought we'd try out a few ourselves and share them with you.

First up is Caroline's suggestion, left via our rate and review bit, to add a spoonful of peanut butter to our thai coconut curry.


Then Jamie shared her suggestion via twitter for wilted spinach into our tuscan bean stew.


Simon keeps things simple with a chunky slice of bread and butter with our tuscan bean stew again.


And here are a couple of suggestions of our own, as seen around fruit towers at lunch times.

A handful of raisins with our moroccan squash tagine.


And melted cheese stirred into tuscan bean stew.



If you're a closet veg pot customiser, or cook up a mean veg dish yourself, there's still time to enter our master chef (sort of) competition and come into fruit towers to show us your stuff. Then join in a chef vs chef battle, kind of like that stuff Eminem used to do but with less swearing and better one liners.

music for our ears


As is normal on the Friday before Valentines Day a band came into Fruit Towers to play us some tunes. They're called The Banana Sessions and are old friends of ours. We asked what their main influences were and they said tea and bananas.


feed the birds


With all this cold weather we've been having, it's even more important to lend a hand to our feathered friends. Young Pascha (5) and Ferdy (4) loved their Dad's winter smoothie so much that they decided to make the box into a bird feeder. So far they've spotted robins, thrushes, blackbirds, and two jenny wrens. Blue Peter has nothing on these two.

the loo of love

Please say hello to 'The Loo Of Love' (situated near the door to the hidden path).


In the spirit of the day before Valentine's Day, Kat, Becca and Charlie have made a love shrine in our WC. As most people tend to do on the day before Valentine's Day in Britain.


It includes such aphrodisiacs as piped love muzak from The Rat Pack.


And a 'Board of Love' which so far has been graced with poems about cheese and washing machines, and info about the best place to sit in Fruit Towers if you are looking for love in 2009.



Feel the WC love.

In other day before Valentine's Day news, entries are still open for our WLTM label writing competition. We could help you find that one in a million someone (the winning label will be printed on millions of bottles, and 'the one' will most probably read one of those labels). We've as good as bought our hats already it's such a certainty.