if you go down to the woods today...

Edward t bear

You're unlikely to see a bear. They don't grow over here. Something to do with infertile soil and a lack of sunlight. However, if you go down to our blog today you will see a bear. Edward T Bear to be precise, winner of last week's hat of the week vote. I spoke to Edward to find out how he felt about the win.

"I feel good," he gruffed. "I mean, I've got to give credit to the opposition, Pretty Petunia, for putting up such a brave fight. I really was stretched, and tired near the end there. But the long hours I've put in at the gym with my trainer, Louise, really paid off, and in the end I think I deserved it."

Edward's efforts were rewarded with a belt of solid honey, whilst his trainer, Louise 'Apollo Creed' Butcher, will be receiving a bunch of innocent goodies.