birthday bellowings

Oyez! 005

This is a picture of me with my dad. My dad is a town crier, and you may have seen him crop up on our blog from time to time. He used to come to parents' evenings at my school dressed as a pirate. And he once performed a town cry in the nude on Studland nudist beach.

Growing up was hard.

Today he rocked up to Fruit Towers with a little cry he'd written just for us, dedicating it to Gurdeep (who had his birthday yesterday). The camera work is a little shaky, and the battery cuts out halfway through the cry, but like my dad always says, a man in weird clothes ringing a bell and shouting loudly in the middle of an office in London is definitely worth a watch.

Have a listen and if you're feeling creative, get guessing as to what the two and a half missing lines could be and the person who comes closest, or makes us laugh the most, can have some freebies (keep it clean, mind).

Just post your ditties below by Friday 14th August and we'll announce the winner (in the style of my pa) next week.