Thoughts from August 2009

ready, steady, knit

Picture 007

Rich is wearing a scarf indoors, Emma has her hat on, the boys are looking confused, and the needles are clacking away like crazy. This can only mean one thing: Big Knit 2009 is here, and it's woolier than ever.

To kick things off here in fruit towers we held a 'wear your knits to work day' last week. A little strange to be wearing scarves and hats indoors on a summer's day but it was nice to get the needles out again and begin knitting some little hats. And if knit wear needs wearing indoors, we'll wear it. No questions asked.

In the evening we invited some of London's most amazing knitters round for a knitting based get together. There were sandwiches, cakes and tea (essential for an evening's knitting), and more wool than you could shake a sheep at, as well as a bunch of prizes on offer for the best hats knitted on the night.

Fruit towers was bustling.


New knitters learned the ropes from experts.


Steve got some wool on his head.


Creations were admired.


The finest hats got paraded around the office.


And when it came to the vote, the decision was unanimous...


Jo's sweetcorn inspired creation and Iris' grapes hat were stand out favourites.


More than 100 hats were knitted in total, countless cups of tea drunk, and much fun had by all.

Welcome back Big Knit. We've missed you.

We're after your hats again so please get knitting if you've not already started - there's nothing quite like seeing bundles of hats arrive at our door.

And there'll be more details to follow soon. Watch this space.

what gav saw next

It's great having Gav back


The other week, he gave away the book he'd just finished reading.

And this week while out driving round London in one of our grassy vans, he spotted this to add to his photographic archive of turf transportation.

Grass impostor

Imitation is always the sincerest form of flattery.

Even in the world of astroturf.

a pictorial (and twittorical) review of Dave's afternoon

Our Dave broke down on the side of the M3 this afternoon. With only a grassy van and an iPhone for company. Here's the story as told by Dave on twitter (Blade is the name of the grassy van by the way, we name all our vans for logistical reasons).

@daithiobrien I've just broken down on the M3 - possibly the noisiest place I've ever been. Rescue updates to follow....