Thoughts from April 2009

the bananas have finally split...


We've been working on this one for a while now, and you've been requesting it via emails, phone calls and letters for even longer. Our first ever banana free (and green) smoothie. Now you'd probably think making a banana-free smoothie would be easy. Just don't put any bananas into the blender. But it’s not that straightforward. Mainly because bananas are to smoothies what flour is to cake. Take them away and you've just got floppy smoothies.

But we've finally got there. After lots of experimenting in the kitchen and a taste test at last years village fete we discovered that the secret was in getting just the right mix of kiwis, and apples, and limes.

So now we've ticked that one off the list what would you like to see us do next? Just leave your thoughts and ideas here.

an innocent & investment Q&A

After we announced last week that Coca Cola have bought a minority share in our business, lots of you got in touch via our blog, twitter, facebook, email and the banana phone with a whole host of questions - ranging from why we'd done this through to what that means next for innocent.

The things that people were most interested to hear were:

  • innocent remains a standalone business, and will continue to be led by Adam, Jon and Rich, the three guys that set up innocent. Coke have a minority investment only and are not involved in the running of the business.
  • We're going to continue to do what we've always done - making natural healthy food and drink, produced sustainably and supporting charities in the countries the fruit comes from.
  • The money raised is being paid into the business (not to the shareholders) to fund our expansion into Europe and so we can launch more natural healthy products.

But we thought it’d be useful to set up a Q&A section on our blog to answer some of the most commonly asked questions you’ve been asking by putting them to Rich (one of our founders) and filming his responses.

You can watch them in the little video clips below and as ever, feel free to post your thoughts as comments.

Why did you have to raise funds - couldn't you just have stayed as you are?
Why did you choose Coke as your investor?

How much do Coke now own?

Does this mean that some of the profits from innocent now go to Coke?

Do you really think you are going to be able to influence Coke's thinking?

Who is now running innocent and what will Coke's involvement be?

Isn't this deal against all that you stand for?

Are you now going to change the way you talk and act as a business?

kladdkaka you see it

...and now you don't.


Bronte popped in today to bring us some of her amazing kladdkaka (very sticky Swedish chocolate cake).

Bee used work at Fruit Towers, pretty much running the innocent ship, before setting up Scandi Kitchen a couple of years ago, and was as famed for her organising skills as she was her carrot cake, her chilli and chocolate cake - just cake in general really.

Today, the kladdkaka lasted all of about 12 minutes.


You've got to be quick in this kitchen.

please say hello to our new british spring greens veg pot


Spring. The time of year for lambs, lush green meadows and new romances. Along with spaghetti and anything garlic related however, globe artichokes are probably not the wisest thing to order on a first date. All that fiddly peeling and getting fuzzy leaves stuck in your teeth doesn’t make for sparkling chat. Far simpler (and much more attractive) to just enjoy them in our new british spring greens veg pot instead.

We’ve combined fresh spring greens, brown rice, a dollop of crème fraiche and chargrilled artichokes for a sprightly medley, with no leaf peeling, fuzz faffing, blowing date number 2 hassles whatsoever. Please enjoy.

it's friday

Okay, so technically it's Thursday but since tomorrow is a national holiday, the long weekend officially starts here.

So make a cup of tea, toast a hot cross bun and enjoy some finger popping fun.