Thoughts from April 2009

thank you to you


We're ten years and one day old today. So we just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping us to get here. Thank you to you. Thank you to all of the people who have ever drunk one of our smoothies, thickies or orange juice. Thank you to everyone who has ever eaten a veg pot. Thank you to everyone thinking of trying our new squeezies and all the other fancy new stuff we'll be inventing in the future. Thanks to the farmers and fruit growers. Suppliers and manufacturers. Van drivers and shopkeepers. Journalists, bloggers, rate and reviewers and commentators. But thank you to you, most of all you.

Without you, we’d just have an expensive fruit-crushing hobby.

ten today

Here are those pictures from our tenth birthday lunch that we promised you earlier. The cake was a particular highlight.

We've grown one whole new row of tables since our eighth birthday lunch.

A truly magnificent example of a cake with a carrot on top.

Adam tells the story of that time Rich crashed a grassy van.

Ingredients for a good birthday lunch: flowers, humus, raffle tickets and our new book. In that order.


The cake gets distributed to a kind of orderly queue.

And no party would be complete without an official appearance from the innocent band.

squeeze me


Adults can steal the show sometimes. They tend to get to enjoy all the best shiny new cars, big budget Hollywood films and fine French wines. So we thought we'd concentrate on making something great for small people this time. We've called them pure fruit squeezies. 100% pure crushed fruit. In a squeezable tube. For small people.

Perfect for lunch boxes. And making adults jealous.