what did you think?


Have you had a chance to try our new veg pots yet?

It’s the first time we’ve made things with veg so we’d love to know what you think of them. Any feedback you have on the specific recipes would be welcomed with open arms so that we can make them the best little veg pots they can be.

- Do you like our veg pots? Are they useful? Is there anything we could do to make them better?

- When do you eat them? Home or office? On their own or with something?

- What did you think of the specific recipe you tried? 10 out of 10 brilliant, or 0 out of 10 disastrous? How could it be better?

Just in case...we want as many people as possible to enjoy our veg pots. So we're now working on some vegan options as well after taking on your feedback from when we first introduced our veg pots to you.