Thoughts from September 2008

world traveller


This week's exceptional Big Knit little woolly hat has travelled far and wide to get to Fruit Towers. The wee Nepalese-style beanie, complete with a pair of really useful ear-flaps was sent to us from Faerie Glen of Pretoria, South Africa.

Faerie obviously heard about how chilly it can get here in the UK what with Winter coming, so looked to the wisdom of the Himalayan people for tips on keeping smoothie bottles wrapped up warm.

This insight paired with fantastic pattern design makes this hat a clear favourite for us for this week's coveted Hat of the Week award. Well done Faerie.

good TV times

News reaches us that some old school TV favourites may be reincarnated and brought back to our screens. They simply don't make programmes like Rentaghost and Worzel Gummidge anymore. Only trouble is, the latter used to scare the life out of me (you only need to look at the photo below and see why), so I guess I'll have another excuse to hide behind the sofa.


Worzel, my twin sister Charlotte and a very nervous me

you (gooseberry) fool


Green, hairy and a bit odd looking, gooseberries are as tasty in smoothies as they are perfect for puddings to cheer you up when it's cold, grey and drizzling outside.

Especially if you've just made a prat of yourself on the way back from the shops, attempting to make that trying-not to-slip-over-on-mushy-leaves dance look cool.

How to make a proper gooseberry fool


25 g butter
450g of gooseberries, topped and tailed
4 tbsp of sugar
340ml of double cream

What you need to do:

1. Melt 25g of butter in a saucepan, add the gooseberries and sugar and cook on a low heat till the gooseberries are nice and mushy.

2. Mash the gooseberries through a sieve to get rid of any pips or skin and allow to cool.

3. Whip the double cream, gently fold in the gooseberry mix and divide into posh champagne glasses. Leave to chill in the fridge for an hour or so and then serve your fool with some little shortbread biscuits.

So darned easy, you'd be a fool not to make it (sorry)

please say hello to our new veg pots


We are more excited than Fatima Whitbread back in '86 to introduce our brand new innocent veg pots. Veg pots are quick and healthy meals made from great tasting vegetables and pulses. Our smoothies have always made it nice and easy for people to get a bit more fruit into their diets, so we're now doing the same for veg.

Each veg pot provides three portions of veg, is a great source of fibre, are low fat and low in salt. They come in four filling recipes, moroccan squash tagine, tuscan bean stew, pea & broccoli rice, and thai coconut curry. All of which are available in Waitrose up and down the land (in the chilled bit, near the fresh soup). They'll then be on sale in other retailers from early October if you haven't got a Waitrose near you.

And, combining one with an innocent smoothie can make up your magical 5-a-day that Dr Shilpee will tell you all about. Pretty nifty, eh.

We'd love to know what you think of our new veg pots once you've had a chance to try one, please leave your thoughts as a comment to this blog post or email us at

innocent hell's angels

Whilst recently driving one of our grassy vans through the streets of Gothenburg, our Daniel was pursued by a long haired chap on a motorbike, who then pulled over and started taking photos of the van.


Turns out Micke (pictured above) isn't actually an avid grassy van spotter but is president of the recently formed Innocent Motorcycle Club, who happen to be based in Gothenburg.


There are over 52 motorcycle clubs in the Gothenburg area and they all meet up regularly to cruise the Swedish streets, clad in the latest in leather leisurewear.

Back in Stockholm however, nobody in the office believed that Daniel had really met a group of Hell's Angels called Innocent.

And over at Innocent MC HQ, Micke also had trouble convincing his fellow bikers that there was a smoothie of the same name.

So here's proof that both do in fact exist.


Leather and smoothies, together at last.

You read it here first, people.