Thoughts from September 2008

new batteries


As you might remember we won a Barclays Green Leaders in Business Award the other week. Our friends at Moixa Energy, inventors of energy saving power devices, also won an award for their clever little USB rechargeable battery USBCELL. The folk over at Moixa Energy have very kindly offered to give away 5 packs of their USBCELLs. All they want to know is what’s the invention you most wished you’d thought of?

Leave your answers as a comment to this post by 9am next Monday (29th Sept). Don't forget to fill in your email address so that they can get in contact with you if you win, it won't be displayed with the comment don't worry.

This competition is now closed. Our friends at Moixa Energy are going to judge all the entries and we'll then let you know the winners. Stay tuned.

ground control to major tom


All of the 120 hats sent in by the mum and daughter pairing of Sylvia Russell and Jayne Clements were rather excellent, but something stood out about this one. Perhaps it was the big pair of saucer eyes that gazed back at us, or maybe it was the strange but beautiful mullet-come-scarf-come half finished cape-type-thing that dangles from the back. Or was it just because there's something very glam rock about it all, and we couldn't help thinking that if David Bowie were a woolly hat, he'd be this woolly hat. Whatever the reason, we think it's a winner, and more than worthy of being our hat of the week.

no bad things in our packaging

Scientists at Exeter University published some research this week linking Bisphenol A (a chemical compound used in some food and drink packaging) to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Which is a bit worrying.

We just wanted to let you know that all our packaging contains none of this bad Bisphenol A stuff, so there's no need for you to be fretting.

(more via the BBC)

vote for fete

the innocent village fete


You might remember a while a go we asked everyone who came along to our village fete to upload their photos to our fete flickr group and FaceBook group. And that we'd give prizes to the best photos. Well the time has come for you to help us judge the shortlisted photos.

There are three categories, twelve photos, and everything to play for. Help to make someone's year by voting here before Sunday night (Sept 21 2008).