Thoughts from September 2008

some innocent adverts

First up, we should stress that these aren't ads that we made. They were done by some students in Norway. We found them on the web and thought we'd share.


This one features Joan of Arc.


This one depicts Socrates.


And here's Jesus.

fete flickr winners

the innocent village fete

Last week we had a big Eurovision style vote for the best photos from our 2008 village fete flickr. The deadline has gone, we've added up the results and it's congratulations to all of the below.

Best fete game photo: SJNewton

Best picture of bunting: Mondoagogo


Best overall fete photo: CJSteele

Well done to each of you, we've sent you all flickr mails.

win ten veg pots


For a chance to win ten whole tasty innocent veg pots just answer the below question as a comment to this blog post by 6pm on Monday 29th September. We'll then choose 1 winner at random first thing on Tuesday and drop you a line. Easy as that.

Which of these ingredients would you not find in a veg pot?
Pak choi
Fondant fancy

UPDATE: This competition has now closed. The winner chosen at random was Rebecca G-W. Well done Rebecca, we're going to send you an email to arrange getting the ten veg pots to you.

If you fancy hedging your bets we've got some very special batteries up for grabs here at the minute as well.

is this you?


A certain young man called Adam is hoping it is. You see Adam had a nightmare where he was battling his way through what resembled Night of the Living Dead (probably something similar to a Friday night in town) and just before he thought his number was up, he met and indeed kissed the girl of his dreams. Then he woke up and drew her (above). If you think Adam could be the man of your dreams and you look like the girl above (he's at pains to point out she doesn't have a lumberjack chin or beady eyes) then please get in touch with him here. Ahh, we love a good love story.