Thoughts from October 2008

everybody needs one


Selina Burgess from Leeds wanted to know what we thought of her knitting creation, Mr Tash. Well Selina, in an ideal world, we'd all have a Mr Tash. Watching over us, making us hot milk before bed, holding doors open for us - nothing would be too much trouble for Mr Tash. Because Mr Tash is strong. Mr Tash is kind. Mr Tash is wise. And Mr Tash looks like a cross between Mr Ben and Mr Miyagi. To top it all, he's also hat of the week. What a guy.

daisy daisy

Today is the end of an era.

Today, the reign of the First Lady of Fruit Towers comes to an end.


Daisy joined innocent back in 2000 and since then has done literally every job going at innocent.


From processing invoices, chatting to our stockists and producing Fruitstock to organising weekly massages, buying fake chickens and throwing some of the best darned parties this side of Shepherd's Bush, today is her last day and we're gutted to see her go.

She's off gold digging seeking adventure in Australia so it's with a heavy heart that we bid her bon voyage.


The door is always open, Daisy. You can come back whenever you like (or when you've run out of money).



As it says on the label this one is indeed a bit special.

Look out for it in the shops for the next month only.

say salama to Josephine


Linda (who looks after the innocent foundation) has just been on an amazing visit to see the work that we're supporting in Kenya. The innocent foundation has been supporting Excellent Development for three years, funding them to help local people build sand dams and create their own local water supply. Having accessible water nearby can really change lives in Kenya.

Take Josephine (above), she's completely turned around the 2.5 acre farm her family inherited and now feeds her family of seven all year, even managing to sell some of the spare produce to create extra income.

Truly excellent.

Salama is Swahili for hello.