Thoughts from October 2008

one week to go

Crikey O'Blimey. Only one week left to knit your hats and send them to us here at fruit towers.


As you can see, the office is filling up with hats, but like an overzealous personal trainer we want more. So stick some water in the kettle, take a deep breath, and plunge into a final week of knitting. Remember, every little hat knitted will raise 50p for Age Concern, as well as leaving you with the frankly fantastic 'I've just knitted a hat feeling', so do please keep knitting.

And if you're going to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace this weekend you can drop your hats off to us there. There'll be two hat drop off points - one at the 'Let's Knit' stand, and one at the 'Simply Knitting' stand, so do come and say hello if you're there.

Have a great weekend you funky knitting folk.

a trifling afternoon


Following the bounty of our harvest festival yesterday, a few of us took the parcels, some veg pots and a few smoothies down to our local community centre, The Grove Neighbourhood Centre, today.


Every Friday, Anna and her team of local volunteers cook lunch for the older members of the community at the centre.

Today was roast lamb, potatoes and all the trimmings.


Anna very kindly invited us to stay for lunch and after everyone had had their fill, we gave out the boxes of goodies.


And then tucked into a generous helping of Gladys' very boozy trifle.


Luckily for us, Gladys (on the right in the pink cardy) had made so much trifle that we got to bring some back to Fruit Towers.

Much to the delight of Ed.


harvest festival


Harvest festival was easily the best assembly at school. You got to bring stuff in, sing songs about ploughing the fields and helping the farmer and your mum got to clear the cupboards of all those tins with no labels.

So to celebrate the arrival of our autumnal smoothie of the month, we had our own mini harvest festival in Fruit Towers today.


Everyone brought in something from home and then spent their lunch hour wrapping boxes and doing fancy stuff with cellophane.


There were some harvest festival classics



As well as some posh tea


A biscuit bus


Some pie mix


And lots of tins.


Everyone got stuck in with the wrapping (and knitting when the scissors were being used)


We covered empty veg pot boxes in pink wrapping paper, filled them with harvest bounty and then cellophaned them up.



And in true harvest festival style, tomorrow we're off down the road to our local community centre, The Grove, to deliver the boxes to the lunch club they hold for the older people every Friday.


world conker championships


The 44th World Conker Championships are taking part in Ashton, Northamptonshire this weekend and along with chaps like this, our Will J is going to be taking part.


Will has been practicing very hard in preparation for this event.

In the past few weeks, he's never been far from his trusty nuts.


He's also had people throwing conkers at his knuckles to toughen them up and learnt how to drill holes in said nuts with his bare teeth inbetween meetings.


On the day, all conkers and laces will be supplied by Ashton Conker Club, so no epoxy resin filled jobbies. The Chief Umpire has final say on all games and the Ringmaster is there to make sure no streakers run into the ring during play.

All the money raised from entrance fees goes to helping the blind and visually impaired so all that conker bashing is for a good cause. And if you get bored of conkers, you can always go and watch the morris dancers and jugglers or have a go on the bouncy castle.


Will's team are called the St. Tanktonian Olympiad so if you're popping down, make sure you cheer them on.

If you're not going to be going along but still want to support the St. Tanktonians, they need costume suggestions as you have to dress up for the games. They had planned to go dressed as conkers but were afraid of looking like big poos.

So if you have any genius ideas of what conker champion clothing they can wear this Sunday, post your comments here and who knows, come Monday you might have styled the World Conker Champions 2008.



the great knit-off

Monday seemed like a good day for a knit, so we gathered our needles and wool, and a select group of fruit towers' most prolific knitters and set about having a knitting competition. The rules were simple - first person to knit a complete hat wins. And to add a bit of spice to the proceedings we stuck bets on who we thought was going to win, with all the money raised going to Age Concern.


The atmosphere was tense. Tongues poked out in concentration and stitches were dropped under pressure as both wool and nerves frayed. But it was bookies favourite Erica who managed to remain the calmest, finishing her hat in 22 minutes, much to the disappointment of Anthony, who could only hold his head in his hands and think what might have been.


Erica's sterling effort, and John T's faith in backing her, were suitably rewarded - both winning a timeless piece of knit wear which, let's face it, will only benefit their lives.


Just look how happy they are in their woolly jumpers. And rightly so - they look stunning.