Thoughts from October 2008

the thinnest house in the world

OK, so it might not be the thinnest house in the world, but I think it's the thinnest house in the UK, and definitely in London. It's the one painted black in the middle of the photo. I walk past it most days on Goldhawk Road but have never taken a photo of it before. So here it is.


Also saw an octopus painted on the wall near the market, but that's a whole other story.


william the conkerer

On Sunday, our Will J stepped out alongside 600 other conker hopefuls to fight for the coveted title of World Conker Champion 2008.

After weeks of practicing, his team, The St. Tanktonian Olympiad, rose early, dressed for combat and discussed tactics in the carpark.


They then waged many a battle


Against some strong competition


But were eventually beaten by a man who used kinetic energy theory to bash all his opponents out the conker ring and a lady from Essex who had a cracking aim.

Not that this stopped Will getting in some practice for taking the winners podium next year.


Next year, Will.

Next year.

ppppppick up a panda


It's nice to open a package of hats and find a Panda staring up at you. Not an actual Panda, of course. That could have been quite dangerous. And we'd never have managed to fit it onto one of our bottles. But a hat-sized Panda was lovely to see. So a big thank you to this week's hat of the week winner, Sandy Goss from Dunblane, for sending us this adorable little hat.

fruits tower, japan

Thanks to Mark G for sending in this photo of a huge building he came across on his recent trip to Osaka.


Apparently, there were no smoothie or fruit related companies inside the building but there was a company who make karate suits.

Handy to know next time you're in Osaka and your karate kit gets lost in transit.

necking it in norway

Oslo, Norway.

The time is 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm on a short break away from Fruit Towers visiting friends.


It's a lot colder than it looks and approaching one of the many 7-Eleven's in the city, I am met with the unexpected sight of a particularly jovial Viking gathering.


Strangely enough, however, everybody has innocent smoothies in their hands. I wasn't expecting this. But perhaps I should have.

innocent launched in Norway just a few weeks ago and it seems our Nordic friends are very excited about it.

A speed drinking competition was quickly organised by a couple of roaming radio hosts.



Get set...drink




Nearly there...


This nice chap proved to be very talented at drinking very quickly.


From my limited grasp of the Norwegian language, the post-victory interview involved our shaded hero explaining how he had been training hard for the event.

innocent has well and truly landed in Norway, the Nordic folk have been waiting and they are taking their drinking very seriously indeed.