Thoughts from October 2008

the wooliest hat ever


It's a ram and it's covered in wool. But it's also a hat made of wool. It's really very layered indeed. Are those a honking set of mutton chops we see? Or are they horns? Is it cruel to call a ram's sideburns mutton chops? It probably is. How can we make it up to you fine ram - if we make you hat of the week will you stop staring at us so intensely with that big old left eye of yours? Probably not, but we're going to make you hat of the week anyway, on account of the fact you've been beautifully knitted. Tidy needlework Pat Rawcliffe - you sure know how to knit a good ram.

new house

Jonathan M and his children sent us some photos of how they've taken recycling our kids' packaging to a whole other level by providing housing for their pet gerbils.


Jumper and Digger moved in to their new house last week and having settled in comfortably, are now waiting to hear back on planning permission to install a wheel to run round in and some sort of water feature.


kat's hats autumn/winter 08

Designer Kat.


Creator of many a charming picture and oracle of all pantone references, our Kat also likes to dabble in a bit of knitwear millinery.

Some of you might remember her 2006 debut collection (also known in fashionable hat circles as her Blue Period.)


The Autumn/Winter 2008 collection (pictureed below) has just been unveiled and this season's collection has taken inspiration from the colours of autumn and her previous work.


Homemade bobbles feature heavily as well as some new patterns mixed in with old classics.

Kat's exclusive collection will be available on our little bottles in a Sainsbury's near you from 5th November 2008.

Let us know if you manage get your hands on one.

the price of fruit

Value is important.


And when it comes to making our smoothies, we like to make sure you're getting the best value for your hard earned money. So we conducted a little experiment the other week to check we're doing just that.

Lucy T went off to the supermarket and bought the exact ingredients needed to make a litre of our strawberries and bananas recipe and a litre of our mangoes and passion fruits recipe.

To make 1 litre of our strawberry and bananas recipe using shop bought fruit cost £4.71 whilst making a litre of mangoes and passion fruits cost £6.35.


For those of you who like graphs and charts to illustrate such points, here's one we made earlier:


So, there's the proof - it's cheaper to buy one of our smoothies than getting all of the fruit yourself and making it at home.

Another good fact - at the recommended retail price of £2.99 a pop, you can still enjoy our big cartons at the very same price they were when we first launched them over 4 years ago.

And it goes without saying that our fruit is ethically sourced and the finest tasting stuff out there.

Who says we don't treat you right?

our Rich on Working Lunch

Rich was on the telly today, being interviewed for BBC2's Working Lunch.

He was talking to Declan Curry and Naga Munchetty about smoothies, veg pots and the time he tried to nick a bra advert from his dad's favourite shop.

You can watch the interview in full again above, or on BBC's fancy iplayer here for the next week or so (just fast forward to 15mins 45 secs to see Rich in action)