Thoughts from October 2008

rate and review the stuff we make...


We've always loved to know what you think of the things we make. And whenever we ask you, you always give us great feedback that makes us think. So instead of just asking you what you think of our stuff every now and again, we thought we'd make it a permanent thing.

Please say hello to our brand spanking new 'your reviews' bit, featured on every single one of our smoothies, thickies , smoothies for kids, superfood smoothies, orange juice and veg pots recipe pages.

Now go and find your favourite recipe in the things we make bit of this site and let us know why you like it. There's even a special innocent shaped prize every month for our favourite comment if it helps you to feel a little less shy.

We've chosen our winner for October and it was Daisy from Cirencester who reviewed our autumn smoothie of the month as..

"It's Autumn in a bottle! It's the essence of Scrumping Apples in the Vicars garden and picking blackberries down the lane and going to Auntie Annettes house and making Damson Jam."

Well done Daisy. We'll be in contact about getting some innocent shaped stuff to you very shortly. Any comments left between Nov 1-30 will be entered into November's rate and review prize. So get reviewing.