Thoughts from October 2008

a cup of tea and 2 Olympic golds please

Olympic rowing champion, Steve Williams, popped in this afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat with our Sally.

Steve and sally

As well as coordinating his outfit with Think Pink day, he also brought his gold medals along with him.

On closer inspection, my tip for the London 2012 Olympics would be to make the ribbons out of proper hardy stuff as the ribbons get frayed really quickly, what with all the people wanting to hold them and pretend they've just won gold at the Olympics.

Steve keeps his medals in a sunglasses bag in his pocket, rather than constantly round his neck, and when they're not on his person, they tend to be on the windowsill or in the glovebox of his car.

So now you know.

crumbly goodness

Thanks to everyone who posted their excellent baking recipes on last Friday's post.

This week's Sunday baking recipe comes from JT's mum, Pat, with her recipe for a good old fashioned crumble.


Pat’s apple and blackberry crumble
Serves 6


4oz plain flour
4oz porridge oats
3oz butter
3-4oz soft brown sugar
1lb Bramley apples, peeled and sliced
8oz blackberries washed
3oz granulated sugar

What you need to do:

1. Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4 (350F/180C)

2. Place apples, blackberries and granulated sugar in a saucepan with little water and cook gently till apples are soft.

3. Spoon mixture into pie dish or a 9-10inch shallow gratin dish.

4. Place flour, butter and oats in a mixing bowl and rub together till crumbly. Then add the brown sugar and mix a bit more.

5. Sprinkle crumble mixture over the fruit and use a fork to even it out (Pat likes to press down with the fork and then sprinkle a little amount of granulated sugar on top as this makes it all crunchy when cooked.)

6. Place in oven and cook for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

Best enjoyed after a long, brisk walk, with lashings of custard, sat in front of The Antiques Roadshow.

Roll on Sunday.

dr who ya' gonna' call?


We have a bit of a situation here at fruit towers. Almut Sprigade sent us in an army of psychadelic dalek hats. As we're prone to do with the hats we particularly admire, we put them up on display on one of our picnic benches, so that people wandering past could revel in their technicoloured brilliance.

But there was something crafty about these daleks. Were they really just hats? Or were they actual daleks? Could it be that their multicoloured exterior was simply there to fool us, deflecting attention away from their plans for global domination? First Sainsbury's, then the world. Mwah hah hah. We weren't sure. So we set up a secret camera to record them.

Here we can see them on day one, looking calm - meek even - but eerily still.

Dalek blog 010

Two days later and the little blighters seemed to have moved closer to the camera.

Dalek blog 009

By the time day three popped round, it was undeniable - the daleks were on the move.

Dalek blog 007

Led by the purple one and what looks to be Elmo from Sesame Street, they moved quickly, destroying everything in their wake. We found our hidden camera yesterday amidst a pile of smashed smoothie bottles, its outer casing cracked, flash not working, a tear in its shattered lens.

And then nothing for days. No sign of the army of psychadelic daleks.

Until this afternoon. When a secondary camera caught this ominous scene. IT Sam trapped in the phone box with nowhere to run, the daleks bearing down on him. He doesn't stand a chance.

Dalek blog 012

How can we compete against such reckless aggression? What will happen when the daleks reach the phone box? Will IT Sam live to tell the tale?

We'll keep you posted. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions as to how we can deal with this miniature, multicoloured, but very real threat, please let us know. The fate of fruit towers depends on you...

frudoku solved


A while ago a young lady called Lizzie came up with the amazing idea of frudoku and entered it into our kids design competition. She won the 12-14 year olds category and her design is now printed on the back of millions of our pomegranates, blueberries & blackcurrants kids drinks.

Another young lady called Katie had a bit of time to spare after her lunch so has helped solve the frudoku, and has just added a pic to our pinboard. The power of young minds eh?