seeing double

This is the kind of thing that kept Mulder and Scully in a job for so long. It's the kind of thing that just defies belief. It's the stuff, we dare say, of Big Knit legend.

Sabine lives in Germany and is a big fan of our drinks, so when she visited England last week she was dead chuffed to see our little bottles wearing hats in Sainsbury's. By sheer coincidence though, and what really made her day, was seeing her favourite recipe sporting a miniature version of her own hat. She bought it straight away and sent us this picture.

Sabine finds her hat on shelf

We like stories like this. They make us smile. In fact, we haven't smiled this much since Del Boy fell over sideways in Only Fools and Horses, so if any of you crazy cats out there should happen to find miniature versions of your own hats, do send us a snap. We like a good smile.