Thoughts from November 2008

tash'll do nicely

12 days into Movember and the tashes of Fruit Towers are coming along a treat.


Mike spent a good 20 minutes trimming The Hairy Caterpillar this morning


Joe has christened his tash The MoJoe.


And Tim's Posiedon look is shaping up nicely

The posideon

Now, whilst Atha's moustache is doing really well, he still needs a name for it.


So please post your suggestions below and we'll let you know which he decides to go for in next week's exciting facial hair update.

bachelor of the week

Please say hello to Jeroen.

Our jeroen

Jeroen is one of our Dutch colleagues and as you can see, he's quite a catch.

Unfortunately, no one has caught him just yet but we think this is all set to change very soon.

Thanks to his rugged good looks, Jeroen has made into this week's edition of the well known Dutch magazine Yes as their 'Bachelor of the Week'.


This week's special is all about knowing your man by knowing his taste in clothes

For those of you itching to know exactly what Jeroen's tastes are, he likes girls who dress smartly, wear a little makeup (not too much) and most importantly, enjoy wearing heels.

Now, of course, being the souls of discretion, we would never give out Jeroen's contact details directly.

But if you happened to stumble across our people page, well, that'd be another matter.

Let us know how dinner and the movie goes.

(Posted by Niels)

trapped in bottle factory, send help


Back in January this year we asked our drinkers if they could think of anything funny to put on the hidden messages bit of the bottom of our bottles. And you did, 1,594 times to be exact. So we choose our favourite seven messages and sent them to our friends at the bottle factory to go on our new 100% recycled bottles.

I kind of forgot about this story until Charlie told us via our facebook page that he'd come across the 'trapped in bottle factory, send help' one on the train which made him smile. So I've had a root through the fridge and found a real life one which made me smile on reading it again. You can see all the other six messages here.

Look out for them in the shops*.

*If you're rooting through a shops shelves to find the funny ones please leave it nice and tidy afterwards, we don't want to get in trouble with our shop keeper. And if someone asks you what on earth you're doing tell them about our hidden message story, people seem to like it once they know. It's like a secret club.

big knit banter with beryl and jean

A few weeks ago, Meera and I went to visit Age Concern in Camden to have a chat about the big knit over some tea and knitting. You can read the blog post we made here. We've also made a little film about it. The sound quality is a little iffy, so you might want to turn the volume up on your computer, but it's worth a watch - especially if you've always wanted to see what a willy warmer looks like.

Hope you like it.

friends in high places


We feel quite popular today as 10,000 people have decided to become friends with us on our facebook page. That feels like quite a lot of people to us. More than you you can fit into fruit towers in one go anyway. We can't tell you who our 10,000th friend was as we weren't watching at that point unfortuanetly. You are all as special as each other to us though.

Here's to 12,250. I don't know why that many, it just seems quite a monumental number as well. We'll let you know when we get there. If you fancy helping us along our way, and we're not hooked up already, you can link us up here.