Thoughts from November 2008

timer for tea

For the perfect cup of tea, simply assemble the necessary kit

Correct kit

And then choose your sand.

Time for tea

(Thanks to Tom for being such an excellent hand model)

the fat duck vs. innocent

The development team from The Fat Duck came in the other day to see us. They're the people who invent all of the groundbreaking new dishes that eventually make it onto the menu of what is arguably the world's finest restaurant. Our Lucy (Head of Products/Chief Smoothie Inventor) recently spent 3 months working at The Fat Duck, learning lots of foodie tricks and techniques, so she thought she'd invite her new friends over to ours for a day.

"Mmm, dog food"

The highlight of the day was the sensory challenge. Blindfolds were donned (blue for The Fat Duck, pink for us) and a range of weird smelling things were passed around, with points being scored for guessing what the 'thing' was.

"But is it Pal or Winalot Prime?"

"I'm more of a Whiskas girl myself"

We can confirm that dog food, garden herbs and some other tricky items were on the menu, but modesty forbids us from revealing which team won the challenge. That information will remain strictly between us and losers.

caption competition

Latest news just in.

Whilst kissing levels in the Movember group have seen a sharp decline since the start of November, tweezer productivity, beard trimming and grooming-time-spent-infront-of the mirror have increased dramatically.

In other news, Atha has decided to call his moustache The El Rancho (thanks, Becky).

Tash lineup

The best caption for this latest Movember lineup will win a case of smoothies.

So make sure you post your entries below by Friday 28th November.

This competition is now closed. A fine array of smoothies on their way to Simon Stanley for his winning caption

The coconut shy had finally hit puberty

Thanks to everyone who entered and all the boys who took part in Movember.

can you felt it?

Feeling left out of all the Movember malarky? Or perhaps your chin and upper lip are feeling a little bit drafty. Well a young lady in the States called Erin could be your saviour. She loves making beards and you can check out her blog to get some crafty inspiration. And in case any of our innocent Movember boys are struggling, check out the picture below. I reckon no one would ever be any the wiser.


Thank you to Ant for the link.

pick of the packaging


Vice Admiral T. R. Cardboard-Box, Sir Reginald Bubblewrap, Lady Margaret Cell'Ophane - oh yes, the great and good of the packaging world were all out in force last week for the annual UK Packaging Awards.

The glitzy ceremony was held in the Grosvenor Hotel in London and we picked up the rather heavy, slightly sharp edged yet nonetheless coveted award for 'Brand Client of the Year'.

Nice award

Beating off strong competition from Apple, Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola, we won in recognition of our 100% recycled bottle, our quest for sustainability, our all round packaging design and for being the brand most people would like to work with.

Which is always a nice reason to win.

John Inverdale presented our Jaqueline and Simon with the award, confessing in hushed tones he had 'literally millions' of our drinks at home.

John inverdale

No favouritism there then.