Thoughts from November 2008

seeing double

This is the kind of thing that kept Mulder and Scully in a job for so long. It's the kind of thing that just defies belief. It's the stuff, we dare say, of Big Knit legend.

Sabine lives in Germany and is a big fan of our drinks, so when she visited England last week she was dead chuffed to see our little bottles wearing hats in Sainsbury's. By sheer coincidence though, and what really made her day, was seeing her favourite recipe sporting a miniature version of her own hat. She bought it straight away and sent us this picture.

Sabine finds her hat on shelf

We like stories like this. They make us smile. In fact, we haven't smiled this much since Del Boy fell over sideways in Only Fools and Horses, so if any of you crazy cats out there should happen to find miniature versions of your own hats, do send us a snap. We like a good smile.

out the door

This is the main door into and out of fruit towers. And every night that I go through it I get the fear.


Press the button on the left to let yourself out. Press the one on the right to let everyone else out with you.


I've never been very good with left and right.

Update: Jen has rightly pointed out to me that this isn't a fire alarm but a clever button that keeps the door open if it needs to be kept open. I can now go through it with no fear.

the pinboard gallery

We get loads of great stuff sent in for our pinboard gallery so we thought it was time we did a bit of a Tony Hart style round up of some of the gems adorning our pinboard of late.


Here are Becca's top 5 favourites this week

JS and Jake

This collage came in from JS and Jake. Becca particularly liked the use of glitter, that Jake's favourite thing is buttons and that JS and Jake collect their chicken's eggs in a bucket.

Comic strip

Isabel Mitchell sent us this brilliant comic strip, illustrating how sharing is always caring.

Fruit graph

Class P4M made us a graph of all their favourite smoothie recipes and got a fat red tick (and a sticker) for their efforts.


Will designed us a whole host of fetching fruit character cards.


And Emma made a decoupage of one of our bottles in a field.

You can look at more stuff on our online pinboard but in the meantime, please keep sending us your stuff to keep our wall full and happy.

dr where?

You may remember a couple of weeks ago that we were having a spot of bother with some psychedelic daleks (let's face it, we've all been there.) Well, we promised that we'd keep you posted on how things turned out, so here's the update.

We left IT Sam in our phone box, fighting for his life (ish). This is what IT Sam fighting for his life (ish) looked like:

Dalek blog 012

Lots of you posted comments on our knitter natter blog suggesting how we could combat these tiny terrors. Some were so clever we couldn't understand them. Others were genius in their simplicity.

No sooner had the ideas come in, we gathered the materials you guys said we'd need (took us ages to find a sonic screwdriver) and headed to the phone box to Save Our Sam.

However, by the time we got there, both Sam and the daleks had disappeared. Where once advanced a marauding mass of psychadelic daleks, now lay a piece of paper.

Dalek round 2 009

It was a note from the daleks.

Dalek round 2 008

As this photo clearly shows, the daleks have escaped (in fairness the queue for the sonic screwdriver in Argos was rather large). And no sign of our Sam either.

However, we're pretty sure they've snuck into the last batch of hats that were sent out to Sainsbury's stores this week - meaning they're out there, somewhere, now.

So, your quest is simple. Track down the bottles that have these dalek hats on them, take a picture to prove that you've found one, and send it in to to win yourself a case of smoothies. There are fourteen dalek hats in total, waiting to be found.

If you do find one in your local Sainsbury's, please approach it with caution. They may look cute, but they're a force to be reckoned with.

And if you find IT Sam on your travels, perhaps sat a-top a smoothie bottle pretending to be a hat, please tell him to stop messing about and get back to Fruit Towers, my laptop's bust.

May the dalek hunt begin.