team extreme

Tne innocent climbing club (aka Team Extreme) went on their first ever outdoor trip last w/e.


They've been practicing indoors for a few months now so decided it was time to hang out on some real cliffs in Snowdonia.


Jojo expertly organised the whole trip and Dringo Adventure provided everything from fit instructors (essential) through to equipment (also essential) and accomodation (comfy). Everyone had an excellent time and learnt lots more about climbing, like how to pose for photos mid rock.


On the way home, they decided to pop into the Cheese Rolling competition at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire. Tim R and Mav both entered the race to chase the cheese and despite the pouring rain and a very steep hill, both acheived respectable times (in that they didn't come last).


You can watch a little video of the cheese race here. Tim R is the chap in the bright yellow jacket, 28 seconds in.

He came second in the best dressed cheeseroller section though. That award went to the chap in the suit.