king of the links

Please say hello to Stu.


Stu is one of our designers here at Fruit Towers and can often be found eating a bucket of cereal at his desk.

He is also the main man when it comes to finding the links we send out in our weekly newsletter to our family and some of the stuff we post on this blog.

When it comes to finding quality links, Stu's top tips are:

  • Subscribe to lots of blogs - If you set up an RSS feed compiler (I like netvibes) or bookmark stuff you like, using a site delicious, then you'll always be up-to-date with the good stuff out there.
  • Follow the trail - Links lead to more links. It's neverending really. If you find a good blog, check out their favourite blogs and websites and so on.
  • Sleep upside down - It helps.

If you're not too sure what an RSS feed is, this helpful little video explains everything.

If you find any brilliant links (keep it clean, mind), then please send them to

Happy searching.