Thoughts from May 2008

smoothies are twice as good as we thought

It isn't often that smoothies hit the front pages of the national newspapers. So we were very excited to see some research that we'd been involved with appearing on the front pages of the Telegraph today. A very sensible and clever nutritionist called Dr Carrie Ruxton has done some extensive research into the world of smoothies. And it is her view that the government should review its guidelines and declare them as two portions. Hence the twice as good headline.


We won't copy out her full research paper here because it's quite long, but here are some of her conclusions. All of which seem very sensible to us.

"The steady growth of smoothies in the chilled juice market creates an opportunity to help more consumers achieve the 5-a-day target. This could be made easier if smoothies were designated as two portions of fruit, rather than being lumped together with juices as just one portion. Smoothies are significantly higher in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants than juices and meet the criteria to make a labelling claim for fibre content. Smoothie recipes contain at least one 80g portion of mashed fruit plus a portion of juice, and are nutritionally equivalent to two portions of fruit.The sugar content of smoothies is no greater than the fruit in its original form. In conclusion, the nutritional benefits offered by smoothies far outweigh any risks, and a re-evaluation of the 5-a-day criteria is justified."

Dr Shilpee has been in to see the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency a few times, and hopefully this latest research will help them to review the current guidelines and help more people hit their five a day target.

just another day in the office

We all have good days and bad days. One day, our IT guru Andrea came into work and was asked to take part in a photo shoot to show what her job is really like...


Another day, Richard, Adam and Jon got to embrace another slightly well known entrepreneur called Richard Branson at an awards do.


And today I got to write a blog about us winning the Microsoft award for 'Best use of Technology', as part of the Fast Track 100 awards. This year, innocent hit the top 100 companies again for the fourth year in a row. This means we are only 365 days away from maybe being the only company to hit the list five years running. And on that day, who knows what will have happened in the office? The suspense is definitely palpable.


By Ailana.

some musical highlights from this year's fete

some musical highlights from this years fete

Here's a very quick run down of some of the great music acts we've booked in over the weekend so far (and a nice picture of a duck listening to music)...

It's an eclectic collection as ever.

James Taylor Quartet:

Imelda May
Faireys Band (see them in action at last year's fete here)
The Boy Least Likely To
Jive Aces
Josie Jo
Son of Dave :

Peter & The Wolf
Wallis Bird
James Yuill:

Prints Of Whales
Adam Callan's Sweet Memory Sounds
Cut A Shine:


Christian Prommer's Drumlesson
The Boy Least Likely To
Ukulele Orchestra of GB:

James Carrington
Imelda May
Dynamos Rhythm Aces
Josie Jo
Earl Okin:

Findlay Brown
Wallis Bird
Prints Of Whales
Adam Callan's Sweet Memory Sounds
Dynamos Rhythm Aces:

Cut A Shine
Cosmic Sausages

Still lots more to be confirmed.

the jar is back

Stu found the jar again this morning after it mysteriously disappeared.


Apparently, it's leftover flower water.

No one is actually laying claim to it though.

our village fete is back like burt bacharach

the innocent village fete


It's time to dust off the bunting and straw hats again and start getting ready for the innocent village fete 2008. We've booked up our same little corner of Regent's Park, London, for the weekend of Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd of August this summer. The innocent village fete is back.

And so are our friends from last year, the brasstastic Faireys Band (we had to have them back after this)

and the marvelous Earl Okin.


Amongst many, many other musical and fete like highlights. Watch this space as they say.

Tickets are now available here, £7.50 for adults and £3.50 for kids (plus a £1.50 adult booking fee and £1 kids booking fee). Under 3s can come along for free. Both days sold out last year, so don't hang about, get yours sharpish.