Thoughts from May 2008

crisp anyone?


Sometimes bad news can be swiftly followed by good. Our Ailana has decided to leave us and set up her own little PR agency. Tomorrow is her last day at Fruit Towers and she asked one of her new clients to send in a few crisps for her leaving do. And he duly did so.

So thanks to Jonty at Burts we think we'll have enough crisps to get us through at least a week. And he's promised to send a box of crisps to the person that guesses correctly how many packets are in this pile. Your favourite flavour and everything. Answers on a postcard (or as a comment below) by midday on Friday 23rd.

No more time to write, we've got lots of potatoes to get through. PS if we get more than one correct answer, we'll draw the winner out of a hat.

retailer of the month

Every month, we choose one of the lovely places that sells our drinks to be our 'Retailer of the Month' and award them a posh certificate and other treats for hard work, great service and tidy hair.

This month's winners were Celeste and the good folk at the Queen Margaret Union Shop on the University of Glasgow campus.


They have their own shop mascot called Alphonso (pictured bottom left) and are currently doing a roaring trade in Beef Roysters and Chocolate Orange bars.

Part of their prize included a morning's hard graft from the dashing Colin. As well as sampling our drinks to the students, he also helped put out the cereal bars, restack the water and made a beautiful display of stationery items. He's good like that.

Make sure you pop in and say hello next time you're wandering round Glasgow Uni.

And if you'd like to nominate somewhere that sells our drinks in a particularly fine way, then please drop a quick email to Mike J and let us know why they're so very good.

changing rooms

Ian the builder is a busy man of many talents.

This week, he is turning our old loading bay into a gym.


Soon, it will be filled with step machines, treadmills and lots of lycra clad people, pumping iron and following workouts that look a bit like this


Hopefully, we'll be able to keep the door open when it's ready and thus remove the need for air con.

Energy saving or what?

king of the links

Please say hello to Stu.


Stu is one of our designers here at Fruit Towers and can often be found eating a bucket of cereal at his desk.

He is also the main man when it comes to finding the links we send out in our weekly newsletter to our family and some of the stuff we post on this blog.

When it comes to finding quality links, Stu's top tips are:

  • Subscribe to lots of blogs - If you set up an RSS feed compiler (I like netvibes) or bookmark stuff you like, using a site delicious, then you'll always be up-to-date with the good stuff out there.
  • Follow the trail - Links lead to more links. It's neverending really. If you find a good blog, check out their favourite blogs and websites and so on.
  • Sleep upside down - It helps.

If you're not too sure what an RSS feed is, this helpful little video explains everything.

If you find any brilliant links (keep it clean, mind), then please send them to

Happy searching.