Thoughts from March 2008

well fit


In this month's More magazine, our guavas, mangoes and gojii berries recipe got the thumbs up from a buff chap there called Kristoph in his column all about fitness.

We reckon there are probably a fair few of you out there who fall into this superfit category, so we'd like to find out who is our fittest drinker.

Just tell us below in no more than 35 words, why you are the fittest of them all and the winner will get recieve some rather fetching innocent gym wear and a few smoothies for that post workout pick me up.

world's biggest seed library

This place opened up in Norway last week


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault will be home to millions of different seed samples from all over the world to make sure that we can still grow all these plants should a natural disaster, plant disease or asteroid ever wipe them out.

It's good to know someone is thinking ahead.

fancy coming around to ours for tea?

the innocent AGM


So here's a thing.

On April 26th we're going to have our first ever innocent AGM here at Fruit Towers. There'll be a chance to watch Rich talking about us, have a look around our place, join in on a lively debate and most importantly get involved in voting on what we should be doing next as a business. And enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biscuit hopefully.

If you fancy helping to shape our future you can register for the ballot here.