Thoughts from March 2008

friday feat of strength

A couple of big lads from Harlequins rugby club came into our place today. Sam decided to arm wrestle them. This is how it went...


Ollie and Mike - built like rugby players. There is a good reason for this.


Our Sam takes on big Ollie. Ollie's right gun blows Sam away. Kapow.


But Sam's not out of it yet. What our pictures don't capture is Sam's victory when using his weaker left gun. Kapow. Kaboom. Kablooey. And he beats the big man. Some feat.

no news can be good news (sometimes)


So we've been waiting a while to find out what the government was going to do in this budget. This time last year, they said (buried deep in the small print) that they'd look into 'modernising and clarifying VAT legislation' on non-alcoholic drinks. And 20,000 of you kindly signed a petition to say you think it's a bit odd to tax healthy juices and smoothies, when all sorts of other food is zero-rated.

If any of you are experts in reading budget reports, we'd love to see if they did say anything about taxing juices and smoothies. But we don't think they did. This weekend Vince Cable announced in his speech that he thought it might be a good idea to tax a little bit more on alcohol, and use that money to pay for a reduction in tax on juice. We definitely heard the bit in the budget speech today about pints costing more. But we didn't hear Mr Darling say anything about spending that money on encouraging people to get more fruit on board. Maybe he'll announce that another day. In the meantime, thanks to all of you for helping us with our petition. And don't worry. We haven't given up just yet...

celeb spot

A few stars of stage and screen were having their picture taken outside our office today.


Johnny Vegas, Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse and Andrew Lincoln are all in the front row. Shirley Henderson is at the back along with that chap who always plays a nice dad on the telly.

We weren't too sure of the names of the other actors but here's another photo in case you do.


Mel and Sam had their photo taken with Paul Whitehouse and then Sam showed him round Fruit Towers. Lovely chap apparently.


And here's one more of Cass and Ginger Sarah with Andrew Lincoln. Swoon.


We'll get back to work now.