Thoughts from March 2008

alpine lunch

Today, Franz and Jess came to tell us all about Austria, Switzerland and what the team have been up to since we started selling our drinks there back in October.

To get us in the Alpine spirit, they brought along some traditional Austrian delicacies, including lashings of goulash


Some tasty apple strudel


And this brilliant chap, Roman, who can yodel as proficiently as he can play the accordion (whilst balancing a golden bunny).


We got to ask whatever we've always wanted to know about the Alps and then had to politely listen to Franz's story about some village elders trying to trick an old man into telling them something or other before getting our chocolate bunnies (and some more accordian tunes).

Hope you all have a great bank holiday w/e and as they say in the Alps, Frohe Ostern.

the ninja carrot strikes back

You may remember a while ago that we ran a competition for odd shaped fruit and veg and this excellent ninja carrot was one of the three winners


Well, the lady who sent the photo in has only just got back in contact to claim her prize.

Angelika currently lives in Germany and hadn't realised our drinks were now available there. So she very sweetly had asked for her prize of smoothies to be sent to her friends in Ireland instead.

However, our Brigitte in Hamburg was having none of that and a case of our finest smoothies are now winging their way to Angelika and her fiesty carrot.

Angelika also kindly sent another photo of what the carrot has been up to since we last saw it.


We're not quite sure if it's trying to attack the tasty looking sandwich or use it as a getaway vehicle.

But either way, it is clearly not a root vegetable to be messed with.

some video

Mustashrik worked here in our design team last year. He's an illustrator of many talents - check out this video that he's just done for Nizlopi.

fancy doing a duathlon?


Our Fordy is part of a committee organising a duathlon. Fancy joining in? As you can see above, duathlons are a great way of combinbing luminous running shoes with more sombre tones of Lycra, and generally getting fit and looking super hot, as Fordy does above. This is what Fordy says:

"Can you run and ride a bike? (one after the other rather than at the same time)? If your answer is mostly yes then I may have the answer for you:

The inaugural Ful On Dualthon - Saturday 26th April 2008.

It's happening on a test track so there will be no cars to hamper your style. And there's an option of 2 distances:

Standard: 5k run / 20k bike / 5k run OR
Sprint: 2.5k run / 10k bike / 2.5k run

Online entry with a bargain price of £22. It's a great first race and you don’t need a super whizzy bike (pretty much anything that works will do). Hope to see you on the start line.

Yours in Lycra


their mums would be ever so proud

Once in a blue moon we like to have a tidy up at Fruit Towers. To make things a bit more interesting we turned it into a competition. Without further ado I give you our winners.

In first place, Rachid.


Judges were particularly impressed with his nifty use of cleaning spray and cloth. Revolutionary stuff, at least round our way. Well done Rachid.

And, representing the IT team, our runner up, Aslam.


Aslam is very dedicated to the cause of desk tidying. So much so he went all the way to the Paris office just to despair at the state of their desks. His dilligence wins him the admiration of all around and a book token. Can't say fairer than that.