Thoughts from March 2008

popping around

If you've ever wondered what it's like over here at Fruit Towers but have never had a chance to take us up on our offer to pop around, then have a quick watch of these two clips.

One is by Abi from Hippyshopper and the other by a French TV channel. Both star our Sustainability Jess who's as equally great with cameras as she is at doing ventriloquism in French.

more new faces

the innocent AGM

A few days ago we chose the 100 people that are coming to our AGM in April. We've put a few of the faces up on the blog, here and here. Well, here are a couple more, along with a map of where everyone is travelling from.


There will be an extra slice of cake for Sarah in Glasgow.


Here's Luke. Luke is from Desborough, and this photo was taken in Sri Lanka where he was on holiday with his girlfriend. Those are fishermen in the background.


And this is Rebecca (on the left). Rebecca is a big fan of Harpo Marx, and has already booked her Megabus ticket down to London for the AGM.

they're coming too

the innocent AGM

Yesterday we featured some of the lucky consumers that are coming along to our AGM. Well, here are a few more.


First up there's Felix, who creates, writes and performs music, as well as co-running Monsta Squad. Busy lad.


Then there's Morgana, who has outrageously long hair.


And Lydia, who has never won anything in her life before (not even a tenner on the lottery).


Then we've got Adam. We're hoping he's going to look a bit different to this on the 26th April.


And finally there's Ruth. When Ruth isn't day dreaming about Joe Walsh she's busy raising money for The Norbury Manor Jets, so they can buy new pom poms, and hire a famous coach.

wardrobe malfunctions

The Easter weekend seems to have had a strange effect on what people decided to wear to work today.

On opposite sides of London, Matt and Olly decided to get dressed in the same clothes


Lauren and Erica unwittingly co-ordinated their seasonal yellow ensembles beautifully


And Laura replaced her missing pirate sock with her boyfriend's oh so sensible one instead.


Funny what an excess of egg shaped chocolate can do to your fashion sense.

they're coming to the AGM

the innocent AGM

This morning we picked the lucky 100 people that are coming to our AGM in April. Here are some of the chosen few.


Steven, who has an unhealthy passion for Jaffa Cakes. We'll make sure we've got plenty at the AGM for you.


Dora, whose favourite things include dancing in the street and singing loudly out of tune.


Barry, who has been a bit of a fan of innocent for a while now. We're very glad that he can make it.


Matthew (on the left), who performed at our village fete last year.


And Susan, who has a bonkers Large Musterlander called Lily

We're looking forward to seeing you all soon, and keep on watching this space for more updates.