Thoughts from June 2008

breakfast of champions

So the answers to last week's competition


Mike had the toast with brown stuff.

Simon had the healthy breakfast of cereal, nettle tea and a banana.

And Abi had crisps and chocolate as she has a very high metabolism and a weakness for pickled onion flavoured snacks.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Renee's breakfast of ice cream, sausages and porridge aboard a pirate-ship-in-motion was a strong contender for best story but seeing as she'd already won a posh cruise for that and thought Mike was a crisp fiend, our breakfast panel chose Louise as the winner.

Louise not only guessed all three breakfasts correctly but also once ate hand caught frogs with rice and soy sauce, straight out the river in Northern Thailand for her first meal of the day.

Hopefully she'll find her prize (lots of smoothies) a bit more palatable.

whose cereal lives in a box like this?

Ours. That's whose.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present June's 'Cereal of the Month', nestled snuggly in its grassy topped box and brought to us courtesy of the lovely folks at Sharpham Park.

My 'Top 100 nutritious grains' almanac tells me that spelt is an ancient cousin of wheat, easy to digest and very good for you indeed. In its honey puffed form, it's not that dissimilar to a posh sugar puff and very tasty it is too.

Keep your eye's peeled for July's contender.

our new french recipe book

We've just had our recipe book translated into French.


We thought it might be a straightforward translation job, but no. Lots of our questionable 'jokes' and cultural references needed to be rewritten (thanks Matt) and we came up with some new recipes too, especially for the cultured French palate.


We kept the wee-o-meter in though. Everyone needs to wee, even the French. It's now known as the pipi-o-metre.