Thoughts from June 2008

the man (not) from del monte

He say 'You know it's almost summer when the white jeans come out'


Please meet Simon F.

Chief fruit buyer at innocent, vision in white denim and the cause of many a swooning lady in FT today.

Summer's looking good.

recycle week 2008

As you may know, this week is Recycle Week 2008, and our friends over at Tetra Pak are doing their best to raise the campaign's awareness. We use Tetra Pak's cartons for our big smoothies, so we're obviously very keen to get as many people reycling them as possible.

Tetra Pak are hoping to get as many people as they can to reycle the cartons and you can even pledge to do this on their website. Most councils in the UK will now recycle cartons, so it's really just about raising awareness.

If you'd like to find out more about the the project, you could have a look on Tetra Pak's website. This video of cartons being recycled in Brazil is also pretty interesting.


Very neatly squashed Tetra Paks


A bundle of Tetra Paks


We used to be a Tetra Pak

the do lectures

Our friends at howies are doing something called The Do Lectures in early September, down near their place in Cardigan Bay, Wales. In their own words:

The Do lectures will be all about getting a handful of speakers down here in the hope that they may inspire you to do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.

If we are worried about the environment, what can we do? If we want to change how businesses are run, what can we do? If we want to reduce our carbon footprints, what can we do?

We change nothing by just talking and moaning. Words need actions. They need Do. Dick Dastardly was right, 'Don't just stand there, DO something'.

If you fancy attending, there's lots more information on the howies site. Go do.

raining bottles and cartons

We've just done another quick update to our pinboard. One of the many delights we came across was this one by Samuel.

It's spitting.

Sam says: "the other day my internet went down so me and my friend went into the back garden and we used my old Innocent bottles to make this photograph. Liam modelled and I made the picture from around 8 images".

We think he should take up one of those jobs airbrushing out famous people's acne before they go in Vogue. Or Heat magazine. He's pretty good no?

get to glasto the green way

Our friends over at Greenpeace are running a competition to win some tickets to this year's Glastonbury Festival.


All you have to do is add their Greener Glastonbury Giveaway application to your Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. The more friends you encourage to sign up, the more chances you'll have at spending the last weekend in June eating falafel porridge and watching Jay-Z in your wellies. And you'll have supported a very good cause at the same time.

Greenpeace have got some great tips on how to have a Greener Glastonbury including sharing a shower with your friend. Other considerate behaviour at festivals includes:

  • Not wearing a big cowboy hat if you're over 5'10
  • Leaving the ghetto blaster at home
  • Keeping an empty water bottle handy in your tent as an emergency late night portaloo (better than peeing in a stream)

And avoiding the special fudge.

You've got until Sunday 15th June to add as many friends as you can, so go break your social networking bone, pronto.