Thoughts from June 2008

a short film about andrew's trip to malawi

andrew in malawi

You may remember back in April we waved goodbye to our Andrew and packed him off to Malawi to visit and help out at an innocent foundation project. Well as the culmination of his trip he has just finished editing a short film about his experience. And here it is. It's well worth watching to the very end if only to witness his unique dancing talents.

please say hello to...

We're often introducing you to our drinks and our people on this blog so today we thought we'd combine both for a mighty 'please say hello to' update.

Hannah and our new smoothie for summer in a big carton


How long have you been at innocent?
Hannah: 5 days and 7 hours.
Smoothie for Summer: About 15 whole days now.

What were you doing before this?
Hannah: Working in a small but highly effective team of eight people at the international development charity World Emergency Relief who help a lot of very worthwhile causes in Central and East Africa.
Smoothie for Summer: My Alphonso mangoes were ripening themselves in the iron-rich volcanic soils of Ratnagiri, India.

What's your favourite thing?
Hannah: My mums carrot cake.
Smoothie for Summer: Sunshine.

Alison and our smoothie of the month


How long have you been at innocent?
Alison: 5 days and 8 hours.
Smoothie of the month: 7 days.

What were you doing before this?
Alison: For the past four years I've been developing my own project opticare eye drop dispeners, as invented by my father. The product won an award for medical innovations in 2005 and is still growing strong.
Smoothie of the month: My coconuts were swaying on trees in Indonesia.

What are your favourite things?
Alison: Rugged beaches/ big cairnes at the top of hills and mountains/ hugs from her kids
Smoothie of the month: More sunshine.

mixing with the stars

Our Rich spoke at the Yorkshire International Business Conference on Friday, and he met some famous people. Here is the proof:

TV funny guy Rory Bremner, and Richard

Boxer/electric griddle pioneer George Foreman, and Richard

Supermodel/knicker designer Elle Macpherson, and Richard

Yorkshire – it's where the famous people are at.

neve's tree

This is Neve.


Neve is four years old, lives in Somerset and likes to help her dad, Darren, with the gardening. And she's taken our Buy One, Grow One Tree message quite literally.

Not only has she made her own plant pot out of an empty carton.


She's also rescued a sapling from her dad's weeding pile.


Found a nice, sunny spot to plant it in.


And made sure it's properly watered everyday to ensure it'll grow up nice and strong.


We like Neve and her little tree a lot.