Thoughts from June 2008

local marketing, for local people

the innocent village fete

Ceri found a lovely example of some local marketing at our nearest pub the other day. Then on my lunchtime stroll today I came across this sign for our friends at Brackenbury Primary School's Summer Fair this Saturday (literally a stone, or stray tennis balls, throw away from Fruit Towers) .


Their Summer Fair is being supported by the local estate agent by the look of it so they've come up with the very nifty idea of sticking up estate agent signs with the children's own art work advertising the event.


If you'd like to advertise your own school/ WI/ cricket club/ any other type of fete or fair, or to find the nearest ones to you this summer pop over to our fete finder.

what's your method?

David, Tom, Louise and Sarah from method popped in yesterday to tell us a bit more about what they do and to see what we could learn from each other.


If you've not come across method before, they make lovely smelling, eco friendly cleaning products which don't contain any horrible chemicals or toxic substances, are kind to the planet and clean your house up a treat.


They very nicely brought along some of their new products for us to try out and a special recycled goodie bag to give away. It contains a copy of their brand new book Squeaky Green (which isn't out properly for another couple of weeks) as well as a sackful of green, cleaning stuff for your house.

To win the goodie bag, all you need to do is tell us what your 'dirty little cleaning secret' is by next Monday and then Tom from method will pick the best answer.

Don't forget to keep it cleaning related, though. There's mucky and then there's just plain rude.

keeping it local

Round the corner from where we work, The Thatched House pub has a lovely little thing going on.


Everyday, they write up a different street name in the local area on their blackboard and if you can prove you live on that street, you get a free drink on the house.

Simple as that.

It's a small but charming way of making people feel part of a community and a great excuse to get to know the neighbours and have a bit of a knees up.

this week's 'most special visitor' award goes to...

Preston and Malin, two of Brackenbury Primary School's finest who came to visit us this very afternoon.


They'd both had a really busy week preparing for 'Proms in the Playground' hence the rather natty head gear. Malin intends to spend the weekend 'just chilling' and Preston is excited about a prospective trip to see 'The Lord of the Rings'. Two fine ideas for those of you still lacking plans for the weekend.

in training

Last week the pupils at All Saints' School in Putney ran a smoothie workshop, to learn more about different fruits and nutrition. They tasted a few of our recipes, and had to guess what ingredients were in each of them.

Those with untrained tastebuds can find this a bit challenging, but one bright spark managed to identify guava in one of our Superfood smoothie recipes.




You might see these two on here one day.