Thoughts from June 2008

young enterprise finalists

Laura from Sharnbrook Upper School got in contact to let us know that the Young Enterprise Group she's part of have made it through to the Young Enterprise National Finals with their company, Green Elephant.


They've published a little book for children, which is all about encouraging them to eat more healthily.


The book has some great healthy recipes in there and some nice illustrations, drawn by Michael who's also in the group.

The finals are today so fingers crossed for Green Elephant and Ollie the mouse coming up trumps.

same same but different

Here's a quick spot the difference for you


Before you start writing in about the variation in shading, the bottle shadow or the hidden netball, there's actually only one difference, which all eagle eyed Dutch speakers will have clocked straightaway - namely, that our recipe book is now available in Dutch.

Hot off the press, it will make a lovely present for all your Dutch friends, neighbours, colleagues and football coaches and you can get it here, here, here, here and here.

please say hello to the innocent band

the innocent village fete

Here's a very sneak preview of the innocent band who played for us here at Fruit Towers last Thursday lunch time. They'll be playing again at our village fete on both the Saturday and Sunday so keep your eye out for them on the programme.

Every single member works here Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm, so we're quite proud that they've managed to pull together a fully fledged 9 piece band in such a short space of time. In the blurry distance, you can probably just about make out Caroline, Cass, Ceri and Vic on vocals, Duncan on drums, Jamie M and Tim S on trombone and trumpet respectively, Ruvan on guitar, Malinna on bass and Ben T working his magic on the piano. Oh and there's a tambourine that gets passed around as well. We can't forget the tambourine.

And here's a chicken with his eye on some apples.


Unfortunately, he's already been booked for another engagement this summer.

long distance siobhan

On Wednesday we got an email from office favourite Siobhan. She's much loved here at Fruit Towers for her top notch fruit buying skills and feats of physical endurance.
She's currently doing a mammoth cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. You can read more here. Apparently her favourite cycling buddy is 'Big Bear Grits', a Latvian carpenter with mighty thighs. She reports that she has so far avoided getting acutely saddle sore and the temptation to get married to said carpenter in Gretna Green.
Here's Siobhan and crew at Land's End (our hero is on the far right).

Siobhan Linard. Legend in her own life time. Doing it for us so we don't have to (and so we can eat crisps and have a lie in this weekend).