spreadable biscuits: part two

A few weeks ago, we told you about the biscuit spread that had made it's way into our kitchen.

Lots of you got very excited about the prospect of having it on your toast but sadly, it's not currently available in the UK just yet.

Thankfully, a nice man called Ian (who works for Lotus in the UK) sent us some jars to give away.


There are 10 jars up for grabs for the first 10 people who can answer this rather long biscuit related question:

What was the main spicy ingredient of the biscuit who got baked, legged it out the oven and made lots of people chase him before meeting a watery demise by accepting a lift over the river from a sly old fox?

(Competition is now closed. Well done to Mark, Katy, Tom, Rachel, Leang, Tom Betts, Rachael, Becky, deafgirly and Daniel for being so darned quick. Jars of spreadable biscuit on their way to you all very soon)